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Wine Labels from Asset Print

Asset Print offers cost-effective wine labels for both commercial and personal use. Our experience in this field sets our service and product quality apart from the rest and paves the way for a fuss-free transaction from start to finish.

Commercial Wine Bottle Labels

Wine bottle label printing for commercial and small-batch wines in South Africa have to adhere to very stringent industry standards as prescribed by the Regulations of the Liquor Products Act, as well as the Wine of Origin Scheme. This includes everything from standard bottle labels to champagne labels and even mini wine bottle labels.

From wine bottle tags to promote competitions or share new product detail, to wine bottle stickers that showcase newly acquired rewards or achievements, there are certain specifications to bear in mind in terms of the design. Classic, classy, romantic, intriguing, even funny wine bottle labels all have to tick certain boxes if you want to sell your wine for profit in South Africa.

The Asset Print team will assist you in ensuring that all compulsory particulars, e.g. the class designation, alcohol content, full name and address (or A-code number of the responsible seller) are included on the final label.

Personalised Wine Bottle Labels

You don’t have to be directly involved in the wine industry to use our wine bottle label printing service – customised wine bottle labels make exquisite corporate gifts and even add that special touch to a themed event or function!

This is why we also provide a comprehensive selection of custom wine labels for personal use. Personalised wine labels can be used for many applications, which is why we offer custom wine bottle labels in all shapes and sizes. This includes:

  • Corporate wine labels for gifts and giveaways, as well as thank you wine bottle labels for businesses.
  • Wedding wine labels – custom wine labels for weddings add a welcome hint of sophistication to any nuptial celebration.
  • Homemade wine labels for garagiste makers – label your own wine to share with family and friends.
  • DIY wine labels for gifting on big holidays.
  • Personalised champagne labels for proposals for anniversaries.
  • Personalized mini wine bottles for condiments like olive oil, vinegar, etc.
  • Personalized wine bottles for birthday celebrations – this includes 21st birthday wine labels, 50th birthday wine bottle labels, 70th birthday wine labels, and happy birthday wines for just about any other milestone year!
  • Christmas wine labels for family gatherings.
  • Custom wine labels with photo as farewell keepsakes.
  • Retirement wine bottle labels.
  • Wine bottle labels for teachers as end-of-year gifts.
  • And more!

Let us know what you have in mind for your personalized wine bottles so our team of designers and printing experts can help you to bring your vision to life.

Get Creative with Wine Bottle Gift Tags

Wine neck tags are a great way to expand your printable area on a bottle without crowding the ‘body space’ of a bottle. Whether it’s wine gift tags that give your clientele the option of adding a message to a present, or custom wine bottle neck labels for your wine cellar that share more info on the cultivar, there are countless ways to leverage this extra space. These useful hang tags are also sometimes used as inventory labels in storerooms, etc.

Find Out More About Wine Label Printing

Not only does our team have an excellent understanding of the requirements for wine bottle labelling – they fully appreciate the pressure experienced in the wine industry as the season hits its peak period. Talk to one of our consultants today and you will be surprised at how competitive our pricing is. Wherever you are in South Africa, give us a call on 0861 527 738 and we will help you to make your wine bottles stand out with cost-effective, self-adhesive wine bottle labels.

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