Professional Certificate Printing Services

Certificates are essentially proof of one’s skills, accomplishments and awards. Why not use one of the most sought after certificate printing specialists in Cape Town to strut your stuff?

At Asset Print, we offer full-house design and printing solutions complimented with committed and professional individuals at all levels. We boast among the fastest turnaround times, impressive budget pricing and exceptional print quality. Coupled with many years of experience and knowledge, we’ve built a reputation trusted by many businesses across numerous industries.

All aspects of certificate printing are completed at our in-house facility. We are invested in continuous innovation to ensure that we remain at the forefront of certificate printing.Certificate Printing Guide

Not only do we specialise in certificate printing, our expert design team can also help design your certificates. If you prefer to do it yourself, remember to use professional photo editing software like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or similar. These professional tools will prove their worth in the long-term as you can use it for business card design, posters, flyers and even websites if you’re the digital savvy kind.

Whether or not you are experienced in certificate printing, we always recommend using a template. It makes your life so much simpler as you can customise the style including fonts, colours and logos. The same standard elements that appear across most templates are the title, recipient name, award description and signature line. Unless it’s an official certificate, feel free to customise as you see fit otherwise it’s important to only use plain fonts and colours.

With professional certificate printing, paper quality is the Holy Grail. Always use high quality paper stock as it creates a sense of professionalism and splendor to the recipients. Certificates printed on quality paper appear thicker and more durable resulting in a feeling of pride and achievement. We believe that certificates should be a true reflection of your accomplishments and not just a flimsy piece of paper.

The technical expertise of our in-house design team enables Asset Print to design and print your certificates with the highest levels of security features. Some of these include holograms or foils, sequential numbering, invisible ultraviolet ink and watermarked paper. Certificates can be personalised with innovative designs to promote your organisation while maintaining branding and quality standards across the board.

Get in touch to find out more about our certificate printing services and pricing. Need help with your design? Our team is ready to assist in any way they can. Request your quote today.