Personalised Postcard Printing. Stand Out!

Pssst, we’ve got some exciting news. Postcard printing is the next big thing! You didn’t hear it from us, but this huge trend in personal and business communication has been taking trailblazing communities around the world by storm. Tastemakers from around the globe all agree that this completely underused communication tool is one of the best ways to get your message across, whether you are marketing your business or simply trying to cut through the noise of the digital age and put pen to paper in a personal capacity for once. So why are personalised postcards so hot right now?

Custom Postcards are Fun!

Can you remember the days of receiving actual, real letters in your post box? It’s a wonderful feeling that is very hard to describe. There is something about the tactile experience of taking that walk to the post box, opening it and finding something addressed to you personally that brings out the child in every one of us. Now, custom 4×6 postcard printing gives you the option to tailor this special experience to suit your needs, and put the fun back into that walk to the post box for your friends, family or even your business’ clientele.

Print Postcards Commemorate Special Events

Photo postcards are a great way to send special missives to family or friends. Whether it’s a Christmas portrait with a special message to wish them well over the yuletide, or a personalised thank you note to profess your gratitude for a wedding present while you’re on honeymoon, a custom postcard is a joyous thing to send. Best of all – there are endless ways to customise this stationery option. You can use family photographs, create a lovely design with the help of a designer, and even add special touches like tear-away corners or textured surfaces. The sky’s the limit!

Promotional Postcards Draw Attention

Marketing postcards are set to overtake traditional postal marketing materials any day now. The letter-in-envelope format has its place in business communication to be sure, but a postcard is much easier to send (all you need to do is stick on the stamp!) and often cheaper to produce. It also allows you to use both sides of the item for promotional purposes.

What did we tell you? Personalised postcards are going to be huge! Interested? Get an obligation-free quote on custom postcard printing from Asset Print today. It’s as easy as filling out a short & simple form and we’ll get back to you with the specifics you require.