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Industry Specific Flyer Design Guidelines

Flyers are mostly used to help businesses promote products, services, events or specific activities. While there are many flyer examples for various industries, the core principles remain the same in that flyers are cost-effective and easy to distribute. Well-designed and structured flyers attracts the right audience, communicates a clear message while inspiring the potential customer to take action. The flyer information must also be convincing enough to get someone to visit your shop or attend an event.

Creating a quality flyer is more than just putting together images, text and handing it out hoping for the best. Fact is, you need a professional to help you realise the true potential. Many companies get this wrong and their flyers end up in the bin or recycling. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a few of our favourite flyer design examples based on specific industries.

Real Estate Flyers

Flyers for new real estate agents should be printed on thicker stock with a matt or gloss finish, depending on the listing type. Use high-quality photographs to show potential buyers what it could be like to live in the property. Include an attractive headline, pricing, property descriptions and whether it is for sale by owner. Along with contact information, why not add a photograph of the listing agent for a more personal touch. The choice of colour will depend on your corporate identity

Beauty Salon Flyers

Using a gloss finish for beauty salon flyers will help photos stand out more giving clients an indication of how good they will look and feel after their treatment. Design the flyer according to the look and feel of your beauty salon and only add photographs of products or services you actually have on offer. Highlight special deals with subtle use of colours but don’t underestimate the value of black and white or grayscale designs.

Event Flyers

When it comes to an invitation flyer or a flyer for festivals, print on quality paper stock to help the most important information stand out. Use bigger, bolder fonts to indicate time/date, venue, ticket prices and a clear call to action. This could be scanning a QR code, tweet to share on social media or visit your event page to book tickets.

Always include high-resolution images that clearly depict the type of event and use colours to match the feel of the occasion. You could also add a tagline, hashtag or handles related to your event.

Restaurant Flyers

Flyers for coffee shops, pizza flyers and takeaway flyers all have the power to potentially influence the decisions of your customers before they even look at a menu. Awaken their senses with mouth-watering food and beverage photographs while keeping in line with the establishment’s overall theme.

Print in full colour and double sided to include all the important information. Don’t be afraid to use funky, colourful designs and descriptive language such as “tantalising” or “insatiable”, but bear in mind who you are targeting.

Daycare Flyers

Flyers for daycare centers should instil a sense of trust while putting parents at ease knowing their little ones are in good hands. Day care flyers must communicate services offered, atmosphere for the kids and staff qualifications.

Keep the design simple but with fun elements like using cartoon-like pictures like a school bus or kids playing in the sand. Make the name and slogan stand out using easy-to-read fonts and contrasting colours. You could also add a pricing table and include a few points about why they should choose you.

Church Flyers

Church flyers are not intended for sales but they are used to inform the congregation and passers-by about church-related events. This includes weddings, youth events, fundraisers, picnics, group meetings and Easter Sunday services among others.

Use uplifting messages or powerful quotes and images that provide a sense of peace. Colours may vary but they are generally bright but yet soft on the eyes. Make sure the important information is highly visible so people can easily identify the announcement such as “Church Fete” or a “Gospel Concert”.

Why are flyers effective?

Flyers can be ordered in high-gloss to spot colour prints and are effective because they are cheap and easy to distribute. Cleverly worded, attractive flyers boost business and sales without incurring the costs of other advertising devices. For effective advertising our advice is “less is more”. Avoid too many words and to say what you mean in short, catchy phrases accompanied by an eye-catching logo or design.

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In the interests of being eco-friendly and good corporate citizenship, at Asset Print we offer you the option of having your flyers printed on recycled paper with eco-friendly ink.

In addition, because flyers can be posted in post boxes, handed out at traffic lights and public places or left in stores where your target market shops, in South Africa this is a way to reach people who don’t have access to traditional types of media as well as to find your way into their homes with minimal effort.

What are Flyers Used For?

Flyers are also often referred to as circulars, handbills or promotional leaflets, but no matter what the name they serve the same purpose – to promote goods or services provided by a company through distribution in a public place!

They are a low cost advertising medium that is often used by smaller business such as restaurants and nightclubs and even at times as a social awareness political or religious communication channel. Because of this they are often available in different sizes, these include:

  • A4 flyers
  • A5 flyers, which are roughly letterhead size DL which is roughly the size of a comp or ticket slip
  • A6 flyers, which are approximately the size of a postcard flyers

Please Note! Both the volume of prints and the size of the flyers have an effect on the price. Please contact us to discuss what flyer size would best suit your needs or select one of our products above to order online. Now with both digital and lithographic printers in house we are sure we can offer you the best print solution for your needs.