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Business Cards


Business cards play a huge role in business when it comes to networking, interacting with potential clients and suppliers and in giving credibility to any organisation, regardless of its size. They are a great way to let people know who you are and what you do. Here we offer handy numbers to help you make a decision about the best business card for you, some great advice and a host of business card ideas for various industries.

Standard Business Card Sizes

Business cards sizes tend to come in the two standard options, as below. The credit card size business card is the most popular and practical of the two. This is because many people carry their business cards in their wallets, which was designed to hold a credit card-sized object. The 90 x 50mm business card is mainly used if you have a briefcase with a business card holder in it.

Most Popular Business Card SizeCredit Card Size* Business Cards
Size in millimeters
90 x 5085 x 55
Size in inches
3.54 x 2.163.35 x 2.17

*Please contact us to place a custom order

Business Card Pricing – Our Most Popular Orders

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Example 1Example 2Example 3
Paper Weight350gsm350gsm350gsm
SidesSingle SidedSingle SidedDouble Sided
ColourFull ColourFull ColourFull Colour
Paper TypeGlossMattMatt
Size90 x 50mm90 x 50mm90 x 50mm

Business Card Ideas

Everyday people search for business card ideas and for good reason. Creative business cards are essential for any business and speak volumes about you and your products or services. We know firsthand the importance of creating unique business cards as they can give you a real advantage.

At Asset Print we strive to design and print special business cards which are visually and creatively appealing, unique to every customer – including beautiful biodegradable business cards! It’s this philosophy that makes us one of the leading printing companies in Cape Town.

People use various phrases to search for business card ideas online, let’s look at a few:

Beautiful Business Cards

If you’re a beauty therapist, spa operator, hairdresser or florist, you need beautiful business cards. Designed to reflect the same look and feel of your business, customers will get a sense of style, beauty and quality.

Modern Business Cards

Modern business cards are typically characterised by simple lines, clear, clean fonts and often unique card shapes. Imagine a double triangular shape for a contemporary architect.

Cool Business Cards

DJ’s, graphic designers, tech start-up CEO’s have to be cool and trendy! In fact, so do their business cards and designers can get away with almost anything. From a simple design with basic colours to just a logo or even holographic cards.

Simple Business Cards

Simple business cards will always have a place especially for unique business types. A simple pattern with only your logo and a small piece of text will suffice. Typical industries include accountants or tax practitioners and research scientists.

Personal Business Cards

While cell phones are great for storing numbers, nothing beats a tangible representation of yourself. People tend to forget about digitally stored names and numbers but they keep business cards for longer. Some may even use it as a bookmark so quality cardstock, interesting design and sufficient contact details are essential.

Elegant Business Cards

Representing your brand’s elegance on a business card is essential especially if you’re an interior decorator or fashion designer. Use elegant paper, snazzy fonts and print with the option of square or rounded corners for added visual impact.

Funky Business Cards

Stand out from the crowd with a funky design portraying your own personality and style. Use fun colours, wayward lines, shapes and a quirky font to grab attention from the onset. Funky business cards are popular among graphic designers, art studios or trendy restaurants.

Luxury Business Cards

High quality 400 gsm cardstock and special fonts make all the difference here. Using velvet, gloss or matt finishes on craft paper will exude a sense of importance, luxury and uniqueness. Although anyone can benefit, luxury business cards work well with 5-star boutique hotels, galleries and exclusive brands.

Embossed Business Cards

The raised impressions of embossing will get you noticed. Have you considered 3D embossed business cards? It adds class, quality and finesse to your design while making elements, quite literally, pop out.

Laminated Business Cards

Add some style and functionality with matt or gloss laminated business cards. Lamination not only improves durability and protects the surface, it also creates a soft and silky feel. Your design will stand out without too much effort at all.

Rounded Corner Business Cards

Show off your creative side with retro-style rounded corner business cards. They offer a unique feel that sets them apart from the rest while the modern, memorable look helps keep your business in the minds of your customers.

Double Sided Business Cards

360 gsm double sided business cards are a popular choice especially if you need to add additional information. Use the back to list your services or to highlight unique aspects of your business. This is your chance to really personalise your design and add a touch of class.

Professional Business Card Examples

Professional business cards can be a reflection of you and can make an excellent first impression. A well-designed corporate business card is a sure way to help seal the deal. In fact, if your business card looks and feels professional, it provides someone with a tangible way to remember you by.

To offer you some inspiration and an indication of what Asset Print can do, take a look the business card examples and insights below.

Photography Business Cards

Be creative in the design but keep it simple. Including a professional photo of a recent event like a wedding could encourage them to contact you.

Construction Business Cards

Consider a heavy GSM card or even vinyl when working in a rough and dirty environment. Flimsy cardstock looks unprofessional and is easily damaged.

Artist Business Cards

Use one of your artworks as the background image and sign the business card the same way you would your art.

Salon Business Cards

A gloss finish will help photos stand out showcasing how clients will look and feel after they’ve visited your salon. Design the card in line with the look and feel of your salon.

Music Business Cards

Don’t be generic in your approach. Use a creative design on quality card stock and describe exactly what you do like Rock ‘n’ Roll band or record producer.

DJ Business Cards

Demonstrate your personal style through a visually appealing design. Use unconventional card shapes to exude a feeling of fun and excitement.

Fashion Business Cards

Your design must be on-trend and effortlessly stylish. If you specialise in a specific line of clothing ensure that your image conveys that, e.g. wedding dresses.

Dentist Business Cards

An image of a happy person with nice teeth will help instil trust and calmness. You could use recessed teeth marks in your design to really stand out.

Medical Business Cards

Add your speciality and a photograph of yourself. People feel more at ease seeing a real person’s face they can recognise when visiting the practice.

Automotive Business Cards

Utilise both sides of the card and include your area of expertise. Include relevant images on the front and more information on the back like a service reminder.

Massage Therapist Business Cards

The design should include warm earthy colours associated with relaxation. Use images of hands, feet or whatever you specialise in.

Legal Business Cards

Use thicker cardstock with foil accents or embossed print to represent quality and elegance. Clearly indicate your location and area of law you practice.

Many professional designers agree that as far as business card designs go, less is often more. A simple, yet creative, and balanced layout with relevant information is often the better choice.

At Asset Print, our design team is at your disposal and ready to assist in any way they can. To get started on your own project or based on the business card examples above, request a quote today.

Why Choose Us For Your Business Card Printing

In many cases, your business cards are the first contact someone has with your organisation so it is important that it is professional, well presented and contains all the necessary information that someone would need to make contact with you. There is the old adage that you should not judge a book by its cover, but human nature means that we usually do. Think of it as that cover by which people judge your business or more importantly, get a sense of the type of business you are – like with eco-friendly business cards. Does it represent what you offer? Are you proud to hand your card out to prospective clients and customers, to suppliers and peers?

Asset Print has been providing organisations with business cards in Cape Town for years. With a huge wealth of experience and expertise, we are proud to work with businesses of all sizes. Our business card printing services are individually tailor-made to suit all your requirements – from high-end, full-colour gloss to black and white on exceptional business card specials, from runs of thousands to just a small handful, we offer each of our customers a solution that works for them and for their business needs.

We have a team of excellently trained people who are on hand to assist with the entire process. We provide a full service for business card printing, from consultation to design to printing, we have a very talented team who know exactly what you need to get your business out there working for itself. Our expertise and our digital printing technology mean that not only do we have the know-how, but we are also the affordable option for business card printing in Cape Town. Whether you are looking for large or small runs, we are your one-stop business card printing shop.

Our no-fuss, no-hassle approach means that you can have your business cards in a flash – three days to be exact. If you already have your artwork it is as easy as sending an email. Simply send us your artwork via email and we will have it on our press in no time at all. We guarantee our customers the best prices and speediest service with no unnecessary stress. We can also assure you that our cost-efficiency and speed of service in no way compromise our commitment to delivering great quality business cards time and again.

Our processes are so easy and efficient that you can order online right now. Alternatively, give us a call now to set up a consultation and let us print your business cards today.

How To Use Business Cards To Network

Business cards are more than just contact details on a piece of paper. A business card is an invaluable marketing tool for any organisation regardless of size or sector.

  • The most obvious function of a business card is that it simplifies the process of exchanging contact details with potential clients, suppliers, those who you work alongside and a even random strangers who might just present a great opportunity in the future, but it also encourages a swap of information, and exchange, and it is from exchanges such as these that potential great deals are made.
  • The very nature of a business card also means that long after you have met someone and exchanged cards, your business card is in their possession, with your easy to access contact details ready to make that big deal. Your business card serves not only to provide your contact details, but it is also the first impression many people get of your company, you and what it is you have to offer them. As we know all too well, first impressions last, so make this particular networking tool as impactful as possible. You want to be remembered, you want to be top of mind. A great way to ensure you leave a lasting impression is through the design of your business card. Be creative, but make sure that your business card is easy to read, that all the information is there, and that it is very clear what you offer. Think about someone finding your business card several months later and not being able to recall exactly when they met you. Does your business card let them know what you do? It should.
  • By providing people with your business card you create credibility for your business. You are putting your products and services out there in the public sphere and are standing by them. You are putting your name to what you do which means you are proud of what you offer. People pick up on this when engaging in business deals and it creates a certain level of consumer confidence.

You should always have a few cards handy. Whether you carry them in your wallet or leave them in the car. You never know when you might meet your next big customer or investor, it might be in the boardroom or the queue at the supermarket. The great thing about carrying business cards is it means you are your own mobile marketing department.

And remember, when you hand out your business card make an impression, make sure that the person you give it to will remember you six months down the line when they pull that business card out. And follow up with a short communication to keep yourself top of mind.

Where Can I Get My Business Card Designed?

You can reach out to one of our Asset Print designers to discuss designing a unique and expressive business card for your business/ staff. Another option is to use any of the following websites to design your own business cards using the exciting business card temaplates and designs offered: 99designs, Canva, Vecteezy (EPS file format only), Moo or Free logo services.

Get In Touch About Business Card Printing

Don’t put off making the deal of a lifetime. Our affordable pricing, speedy turnaround times and expertise make us your one-stop-shop for business cards. Find out more about our sustainable business cards, other printing services or simply use our convenient online shop and order now. Alternatively, give us a call and chat with one of our team members and find out about our current business card specials.

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