Newsletter Printing for a New Generation

Asset Print offers newsletter printing for the 21st century. As print newsletter design experts, we understand the value of the printed medium when it is applied correctly. Contrary to conventional wisdom in the digital era, a tangible newsletter is a simple, yet very effective way to increase retention rates and referrals, and build long-lasting relationships with consumers who are tired of cluttered email inboxes and inundated with push notifications from social media platforms.

A printed newsletter is a less invasive form of communication that allows the reader to read it when they’re good and ready, instead of blinking a light at them until the missive is answered. Additionally, printed media gets passed around from one person to the next, which allows you to reach an even larger audience than those on your automated mailing list.

Affordable Newsletter Printing Services

Affordable newsletter printing services may seem like a contradiction in terms, but at Asset Print we make it our priority to provide our clientele with cost-effective printing solutions at every turn. By drawing on a pool of some of the most trusted suppliers in the print industry, we are able to secure exceptional rates on the machines and consumables we use, which we pass on to you.

Print Newsletter Design That Works

Compelling newsletter design requires insight into how modern-day consumers interact with information when it is presented in a tangible format. This is where our knowledgeable designers come in. They have the know-how necessary to help you present the information you wish to convey in a visually memorable way.

At Asset Print, we have found that custom newsletters that contain the following elements are most likely to hit the mark:

  • Helpful information that readers can apply in their everyday lives – suggestions, new ideas, resources, tools, advice, etc.
  • Reference to relevant issues in your industry and/or environment. Stay current!
  • Consistent delivery – choose a quarterly, monthly or bi-monthly schedule & stick to it.
  • Professional design & well-written articles.
  • A user-friendly call to action. Make it easy for your newsletter readers to get in touch with you by adding all you relevant contact details. You could even include a QR code that they might scan if they prefer to engage with your content on a digital platform.

To find out more about our custom newsletter printing services, and how it can change the way you communicate with internal and external business stakeholders, get in touch with an Asset Print representative today and we will be in touch to discuss your newsletter printing requirements.