Giant Cheque Printing for Novelty & Effect

Every now and again, an event calls for a big cheque. Whether you’re hosting a sports tournament and want to hand over a large presentation cheque on the podium, or your charity has received a sizeable donation from a benefactor whom you want to commend in public, it helps if you partner with a knowledgeable printing provider who has the know-how to create a striking piece that will elicit the desired effect.

Affordable Large Cheque Printing

At Asset Print, big cheque printing forms a part of our comprehensive service offering that has been tailored with the needs of conventional businesses, as well as niche enterprises in mind. Offerings such as oversized cheques for presentation aren’t always readily available from standard printing businesses, and we believe that any company worth their salt should be a one-stop shop. We also believe in keeping things affordable. As such, you can be sure that you will be getting the best prices on giant cheque printing when you choose Asset Print as your trusted printing partner.

Winner Cheque Formula

There’s a bit of a formula behind the creation of a novelty cheque that really makes an impact at an event. At Asset Print, we have a team of talented designers on hand who know exactly which visual elements should be enhanced in order for a visual design to ‘pop’. When you’re working with large-format printing projects such as these, it pays to entrust the layout and design to the professionals. Take advantage of our team’s experience and create a piece that will make the splash you need it to.

DID YOU KNOW? The first photo ever taken of a giant check was in 1936 at a political meeting during the war. These days, recipients are still able to cash a novelty check at the bank, provided it has all the correct information on it. If the giant cheque you receive was produced by a seasoned printer, the long-lasting vinyl on which it is printed should remain intact until you can bring it safely to your chosen banking provider.

Need some more information to decide whether a giant novelty cheque is the right fit for your occasion or event? Get in touch with the Asset Print team. We are more than happy to discuss your requirements and provide more info on our giant cheque printing services. Simply fill in the quote form on this page and we will be in touch with a custom quote or whatever feedback you require ASAP.