Printed Welcome Packs To Welcome And Inform

Welcome pack printing offers businesses an ideal opportunity to build new client relationships, showcasing exactly why they have made the right choice. A business welcome pack is hugely beneficial regardless of the type of company, products or services on offer. The overall purpose of a welcome pack is to provide clients with a greater understanding of your business.

Thanks to all the elements within a business welcome pack, new customers or members will have a wide range of information at their fingertips. Using various marketing materials, welcome pack printing serves as a client or investor’s primary source of information, explaining who you are, what you do and why you do it.

How Can Welcome Pack Printing Help Your Business?

Welcome pack printing can make a massive difference to any business or organisation including Schools, Universities, Training colleagues, Hotels, Guesthouses, Conference centres, Events and Expo co-ordinators. While some predominantly use welcome packets when attending events, others hand them out to all new members, clients or partners.

Often, many new customers ask similar questions which is exactly the sort of thing welcome pack printing can help with. You can include all the information that new customers need answers to, especially in terms of next steps, who is who in the organisation and who is responsible for what. A welcome pack should not be seen as an expense but rather an opportunity to enhance first impressions.

What Elements Should Welcome Pack Printing Include?

While not every business will need the same marketing materials, there is a general consensus about what welcome pack printing should include. Every business needs to think about their desired design and the type of content for a welcome pack in order to provide people with the right information, in the right format.

At Asset Print, we believe that welcome pack printing should include a combination of the following:

  • A welcome letter
  • Business cards
  • Booklet, Brochure or Catalogue
  • Flyers
  • Thank you card
  • Stickers

Welcome Letters

A welcome letter is self-explanatory as it’s basically a friendly greeting to your new customers. It can set the tone and provide clients with the perfect first impression. While a welcome letter doesn’t have to be corporate or formal, make sure it reflects your brand’s business model and style.

Welcome letters should inform customers of why you are excited that they have chosen to work with your business plus all the associated benefits. It should be printed on an official letterhead which will ensure that your brand appears consistently throughout the welcome pack.

Business Cards

Business cards are still widely used and remain an incredibly powerful marketing tool. Adding a few business cards to a welcome packet gives your client easy access to your contact information. Many will put it in their wallets, on their desks or hand them out to other people which will quickly spread the word about your company.

Booklets, Brochures or Catalogues

Not all businesses will use booklets, brochures or catalogues in their welcome packs but it is worth noting their relevance. Due to the nature of these documents, you can go into far more detail of the products or services you offer.

Booklets, brochures or catalogues provide an ideal opportunity to give your clients more information so they can better understand your business. Include your product range as detailed as possible and add a section for FAQ as this can act as an easy reference point for your clients’ questions.

If you are printing employee welcome packs, it’s vital to include your brand values, mission statement and other key pieces of information necessary before they start working. The same applies to student welcome packs as there will be loads of information they need before their first day at college or university.

Welcome Pack And Flyers

Flyers are often a forgotten marketing tool but they still provide an important role. With the right layout and design, flyers are a great way for brands to give customers a brief overview of what they do and the related benefits. Some companies use flyers to get referrals from existing customers by adding discount codes and other incentives.

Adding flyers to a welcome pack can give people access to a document that creatively summarises your company. A great idea for flyers is to include an introductory, special offer that customers can use at a later date which will help encourage further engagement with your business. Asset Print offers quality, affordable flyer printing in Cape Town in all sizes and for a wide variety of businesses.

Thank You Note Or Card

A thank you note or card is a fantastic way of showing customers that you appreciate their choice of working with your company. An attractive, on-brand design and a friendly, handwritten note will make them feel extra special and it will make your business more memorable.

Make sure you highlight how grateful you are to them and tell them that you are excited to work with them in the future. Never underestimate the simplicity of a thank you note as it can make all the difference to your customers.

Company-Branded Stickers

While branded stickers may not be considered essential in a welcome pack, they can seriously enhance your brand identity. First off, make sure the sticker is colourful and clearly resembles your brand and then seal the welcome packet using your branded sticker. You can also include additional stickers inside the welcome pack which could widen your brand’s reach considerably.

Welcome Pack And Presentation Folders

The last step is to bring all of these documents together with a welcome pack presentation folder. As with all the marketing materials, the presentation folder should also be well-designed, stylish and branded accordingly.

There are various types to choose from including an envelope folder which is large and sealable. You could also use folding presentation folders that can be bi-fold or three-fold. Printing on the inside of the folder and the cover is an easy but powerful way to show customers what you are all about.

New Member Welcome Pack

Depending on your organisation, rules and regulations will vary but a new member welcome pack should include the basics such as:

  • Membership fees, payment instructions and payment methods
  • Relevant laws or member obligations
  • Company code of conduct
  • Conflict of interest information
  • How to sign up for committees
  • Membership guide or handbook

Welcome Pack Printing At Asset Print

Asset Print offers affordable welcome pack printing while helping you combine the right materials or gadgets that will work for your business and budget. Make an impression on your customers with a professional welcome pack designed to make a difference.

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