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3 Vital Elements In Marketing Material Design

Posted by on 15 Jul 2021 under All Things Printing, Design, General Printing, Printed Marketing

Small business window front

So you are driving down the road and there is the same poster on every lamppost, cleverly placed at driver head height. Nice pic of a patio/pool, says HOME EXPO, says CTIC, then some copy below that you just cannot make out. Sounds interesting, but you give up trying to read it after you nearly run a red light and crash into the car stopped there. Welcome to graphic design.

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Why Professional Printing Is An Investment

Posted by on 18 May 2021 under Banners, Business Cards, Flyers, General Printing, Printed Marketing, Tips For Your Business or Brand

Modern printing press

When you run your own business, or just start up a brand-new venture, the added expense of professional printing can seem like a bit of a tall order. Surely you can just get a colour printer, install it in the office and fire off those printables yourself? After all, with the great tech available these days, what exactly is the difference between you hitting ‘send to printer’, and a person at a printing shop doing it?

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Gearing Up For International Print Day 2020

Posted by on 20 Oct 2020 under All Things Printing, General Printing, Printed Marketing

Printing Techniques: Embossing

The global print community is ‘reaming’ with excitement as International Print Day 2020 is taking place on October 21st. Along with printing companies from around the world, Asset Print is gearing up to celebrate and everyone should get involved. If you haven’t participated or don’t know what International Print Day is about, this article explains it all.

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Printing Techniques & How to Use it – Part I

Posted by on 16 Sep 2020 under All Things Printing, Business Cards, General Printing, Stationary Printing, Tips For Your Business or Brand, Wedding Invitations, Wine Bottle Lables

Printing Techniques: Embossing

The new decade may be off to a rather unexpectedly rough start, but there are a few silver linings to be enjoyed nonetheless. For instance, there’s never been a more exciting time to be in the printing trade – there are so many fantastic techniques to choose from!

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5 Cool Facts About Printers for Ink Geeks

Posted by on 17 Aug 2020 under All Things Printing, General Printing

Printer Facts

Every industry has its die-hard fans – people who are so fascinated by the technology behind its inner workings that they spend countless hours reading up about the history of how it all came to be. At Asset Print you’ll find a huge array of ink geeks. Yes, we love working with our clients and creating beautiful things, but we also happen to be completely enchanted by printers and ink in general.

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The Magic of Old Meeting New in Printing

Posted by on 17 Jul 2020 under All Things Printing, General Printing


The printing press is one of those incredible inventions that changed the world forever. In fact, it is touted as one of the three inventions in the world that had the biggest impact on the way society functions, alongside gunpowder and the nautical compass. At Asset Print, we realise that we’re standing on the shoulders of giants every time we press ‘print’ on our digital presses, which is why we also keep a close eye on the evolution and reintroduction of old-school printing methods around the globe.

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Printing Tech Terminology Explained

Posted by on 13 May 2020 under All Things Printing, General Printing

Printing Machine

The world of printing is a fascinating place when you look a little deeper than the surface. At Asset Print, we understand that the terminology we bandy about on a daily basis is not a part of everyone’s lexicon. This is why we’ve decided to compile a concise glossary that explains a few of the terms we use around the printing shop. Here you go!

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3 MORE Fun Facts: History of the Printing Press

Posted by on 23 Dec 2019 under All Things Printing, General Printing

Hello there, welcome back! In our previous blog, we took a look at the history of the printing press and uncovered that Guttenberg did not, in fact, invent the printing press; that the Diamond Sutra is the oldest surviving printed book in existence; and that the Buddhist faith started spreading rapidly through China after a peasant named Bi (Pi) Sheng took major strides in developing the movable type press.

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Spruce Up Your Business for Spring & Summer

Posted by on 24 Sep 2019 under General Printing, Printed Marketing

Shop Window Stickers
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Get More Customers By Using Door Hangers

Posted by on 10 Jul 2019 under Door Hangers, General Printing

Door Hanger

Advertise With Door Hangers

He has to take his eyes off his phone to open the door. Make sure that when he opens that door, he steps into your business.

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