Bunting Flags

  • Ideal for Parties or Weddings
  • Durable and Reusable
  • Waterproof PVC or High Grade Paper
  • Triangle, Rectangle or Square Flags

Bunting Flags

It’s time to think event decorations – remember those colourful bunting flags for weddings and parties? Use our Cape Town printing shop to print your bunting template or design to make your bunting ideas become a reality. Bring your own bunting template of a vintage print, retro print, florals or blooms, stripes or lettering bunting to Asset Print. Or our Cape Town bunting specialists can help you choose a solid colour for your garland flags.

Why Use Bunting

Nowadays, wedding bunting and party bunting is a popular decoration choice as it adds flair, pattern and colour to events while being cost effective. Asset Print has a wide range of bunting designs, also known as pennant flags or wash line bunting, on offer. We use a choice of high quality materials including waterproof PVC and high grade paper, as well as high quality inks, to create bunting that lasts.

If you would like waterproof PVC bunting, then we can offer you a triangle bunting or rectangle bunting shape. If however, you prefer using paper bunting, we can offer you both the square and rectangular bunting.

Pennant Flags for Celebrations and Promotions

Create a special day for your wedding with bunting flags, also called pennant flags. Pennant flags offers a creative way to make customised Mr. and Mrs. wedding bunting. Hang bunting across the wedding venue or liven up indoor or outdoor spaces. If you print and order wedding bunting, you can also re-use it on a thank you card as a special memory for guests who attended your special day.

If you need to design bunting that is weatherproof for Cape Town, choose our triangle bunting made from waterproof PVC. We have a range of different hues and colours on offer. We recommend the PVC bunting for outdoor parties or weddings as you are able to re-use the bunting on multiple occasions. It is durable, easy to clean and reusable for the next party. Attract customers with personalised bunting for your business area. Use personalised bunting to liven up a promotion, event or expo. Alternatively, you can use bunting to decorate and add branding to a show house, a showroom or an event day like a golf day. Bunting, pennant flags, sets your business apart from others and draws attention to your brand in a lively, creative and colourful manner.

Bunting Flags for Sale

Simply print your own bunting template or choose a colour from Asset Print’s palette. Bunting is produced in meters, so make sure you know how many meters you need to decorate your party or wedding. Remember, bunting flags for parties or weddings brightens up every location for a memorable event.

Get a customised quote for your bunting today.