Table Talkers:
Make a Statement Without Saying a Word

At Asset Print, we believe table talkers are one of the most effective and affordable static marketing tools any business can add to its promotional arsenal. This is why we make a point of offering our table talker printing services at such excellent rates!

Would Table Talkers Work for My Business?

Investing in table talkers would be a good idea for your business if you would like to:

  • Upsell existing customers on extra goods or services. Businesses like restaurants use table talkers to great effect. It’s a great way to inform customers of special offers, new menu items, exciting add-ons and competitions while they read the menu or wait for their meal.
  • Share important information without repeating yourself. Do you need to remind your clients of new office hours, payment procedures, etc? Add table talkers to the side tables in your waiting area to keep them duly informed.
  • Create a sellable marketing space. Table talkers can also be used to create pockets of sellable marketing space that may be used by other businesses in complementary industries. E.g. Medical aid companies can use space in doctor’s offices to market their services to patients who are already primed to receive that kind of information.
  • And more!

Table Talker Design Tips from the Experts

Make your marketing material more memorable by employing these design strategies from our in-house experts:

  • Keep your content short and to the point – draw your reader in with a strong headline and then drive the point home with a few lines of expertly crafted copy and a strong call to action.
  • Don’t underestimate the impact of beautiful imagery – people are attracted to colourful, engaging photos and images that leave a lasting impression. If you don’t have the budget for corporate photography there are many excellent stock sites that offer incredible photo and image options.
  • Always choose the highest quality paper your budget allows for – it not only looks better, it also lasts longer.

Find Out More About Table Talker Printing

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Now that you’ve been informed of the many benefits of table talkers and tent cards in general, it’s time to discuss brass tacks. The simplest way for us to give you a detailed, obligation-free quote is for you to get in touch with us using the contact form right here on this page. Once we receive your details, one of our team members will be in touch to discuss your needs (design, number of cards, paper stock requirements, etc.) so we can tailor a quote for you specifically. It’s as easy as that! Get in touch ASAP so we can get your table talkers printed and smooth the way for effortless promotion and client communication at your place of business.