Quality Digital Printing is our Game!

Digital printing is the ideal solution for both small business and commercial print jobs. It is quite literally the process of transferring digital images onto the surface of your choice such as paper, vinyl, fabric and PVC. State-of-the-art technology saves you time and money through increased efficiency and the elimination of costly, time-consuming processes that characterise traditional printing methods such as lithographic printing. Short run digital printing allows us to offer more affordable prices, superior quality in smaller quantities at record-breaking turnaround times.

Our Digital Printing in Cape Town Explained

Our digital printing, Cape Town team has put together this ‘how does it work’ explanation for you, but remember that we print and deliver for customers across South Africa!

With digital printing your artwork goes straight from computer to press, cutting out the need to create plates and posies which improves on turnaround times.

Digital printing is ideal for smaller print runs and offers two types of output:

  • Flat sheet printing which can handle from the small post-it note size, up to A3 size in quantities of 2000
  • Large format printing for larger items such as banners and signs printed onto flexible materials such as vinyl and PVC

Digital printing also provides built-in flexibility because there are no fixed design plates involved and everything is controlled electronically, direct from computer to press. For example, you can do a print run of 500 business cards but request 10 different names in the same print run.

An additional benefit of Asset Print’s digital printing service is that you can go for practically any shape you like without increasing costs because everything is controlled by technology, without the hindrance of expensive DIE cutting.

The Advantages of Digital Printing

So why go the digital printing route? Digital printing has many obvious advantages over the more traditional print methods, these include:

  • Digital printing allows for effective desktop publishing. Desktop publishing is an inexpensive form of printing that is 100% digital and has no need for expensive printing plates.
  • Variable data printing is easy to do when using digital printing methods. This is because digital printing uses database-driven print files that enable mass personalisation of all printed materials.
  • Small run book publishing is easy with digital printing. This is because digital printing is a VERY cost effective way of printing any small run of poetry, magazine, short story, art, graphic novel or reference books.
  • The reproduction of fine art and art prints is as easy as placing a digital print order. This is because digital printing methods can be used to recreate real photo paper exposure prints, “watercolour” style prints and a whole lot more.
  • Print on Demand is what digital printing is all about. This means that you can use digital printing methods such as those employed by us to create one off personalised printing items such as children’s books customised with a child’s name or wedding photo books.
  • Outdoor advertising printing has been revolutionised through digital printing. This is because digital printing has ensured that outdoor banner advertising and signage for trade shows and the retail sector are now easily accessible to both big and small business concerns.
  • Photo printing is easy with digital printing. Digital printing lets people retouch or colour correct a photograph before printing. It also makes it easier to print photos of almost any size.
  • Our dedicated staff are standing ready to assist with whatever your Digital Printing needs might be. Talk to Us today by using the form on the right and we will get in touch with you!