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With years of expertise in printing labels in Cape Town Asset Print should be your first call when looking for Digital Label Printing. We print every type of self-adhesive digital label you can imagine, all of which will adhere to whatever surface you desire. Everything from matt, gloss, clear, chrome, silver, and gold labels are available, all in glorious high-quality, full colour Digital Label Printing Format.

Why Choose Us as Your Label Company?

Our label printers are fast and ideal for short run label printing when deadlines are important and quality needs to be maintained. Our high-resolution printing means that we can print anything up to 1400 dpi and 1.3 meters wide and as long as you choose. This means that as one of South Africa’s best Label Suppliers we can offer you:

  • 3-5 days turnaround time (T&C’s apply)
  • No additional set up costs
  • Labels of any shape or size you want
  • Custom design and personalised labels are our speciality

Additionally, we can cut and print 2 part labels, such as wine bottle labels without adding an additional cost. You can also view a true sample of the digital label print design before the print run begins, which will help to ensure that your colour choices and design layout are always correct before the print run starts.

The Product Labels That We Offer

Custom labels, branded labels, wine bottle labels, beer bottle labels, address labels and so many other professional product labels are available to order from us. Some of our most regularly requested printed label types include:

Dazzling Domed Labels

From name badges and product logos, to Advertising and Promotional Items (and everything else in between), we have the ability to provide the best quality domed labels at highly competitive prices.

Learn more on our Domed Labels page.

Eye-Catching Bottle Labels

Our reputation for high-quality printing started right here, and over the years we’ve provided beer bottle labels, wine bottle labels, water bottle labels, and preserve bottle labels for some of South Africa’s best.

Learn more on our Bottle Labels page.

Tasteful Wine Bottle Labels

Our labels have graced the outside of some of the best known wines in the country. From bulk labels for wine cooperatives to small print runs for boutique wine farms, we provide customised labels for all.

Learn more on our Wine Bottle Labels page.

Crafty Beer Bottle Labels

Craft beers have become the “in thing” across the globe, and in South Africa this has created a spike in demand for our waterproof beer bottle labels,all of which can withstand the rigorous brewing process.

Learn more on our Beer Bottle Labels page.

Personalised Labels

Labels are universal in their applications, they help you to organise and they speak for your brand. From custom labels for internal business use for administrative purposes on files and cabinets to marketing on wine or beer bottles, food packaging, CD’s and DVD’s, labels play an integral role in our everyday lives.

Whether you are looking for personalised license disk holders, ID card labels, barcode labels, can/tin labels, bumper stickers, car decals or labels for glass and plastic containers, Asset Print is able to assist you with your Label Sticker Printing.

Make Us Your Label Company of Choice!

Call us today for affordable, high quality digital labels printing or start your online order here. Either way, we should always be your sticker labels manufacturer of choice.