Bookmark Printing as an Effective Marketing Tool

If you think of custom bookmarks, is your first thought a page-saver or powerful marketing tool? From a business perspective, bookmark printing is one of the simplest ways to keep your brand in front of your readers. Like every other print media, it’s a method to promote your business where the aim is still marketing and not just to mark a page.

Personalized bookmarks are all about the core values of your business. The design and content need to be spot-on conveying exactly what it is you are selling or providing. However, unlike other media assets, customized bookmarks can afford to offer deeper, more creative and challenging visuals. The reason is simple – they will be looked at for much longer than a business card, billboard, poster or banner. In the right hands, bookmarks can be a particularly effective marketing strategy.

Custom Bookmark Printing Ideas

Bookmark printing can be used in business as a marketing tool or more personal like a gift for friends and family. Whatever the purpose, it creates a lasting first impression with a subconscious reminder of who you are every time they look at it. There are many ways we can customize bookmarks and here are a few ideas you could incorporate today.

Business bookmarks – Online Promotions, Mini Flyers and Networking

There is nothing quite like a quality branded bookmark for a business owner. Create something simple but impressive showcasing your company logo, contact details and perhaps a special offer. Just because it’s a professional bookmark doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be fun. Add a funny quote, words of wisdom, a cute meme or even a calendar. You’ll end up with a lasting marketing product your customers will look at for weeks, months or even longer.

If you’re attending a more casual networking event, why not hand out your corporate bookmarks instead of business cards. It may be slightly unconventional but it shows personality on your part and most people appreciate something that stands out. The bookmark business card is a great concept and even online businesses can benefit. Create a “bookmark this” list of webpages on the actual bookmark which could generate substantial web traffic.

Custom printed bookmarks for Home and Work

Personalised Photo Bookmarks are a really nice touch. If you’re selling an academic textbook, a self-help or recipe book, include a quote and picture of the author. Ensure that the design shows the book’s cover image or find relevant photographs of scenery to illustrate the content. Having bookmarks personalised is really a great complement to any book.

Marketing Bookmarks as Event Tickets

Bookmarks are the perfect size to use as event tickets. It easily fits into your pocket or wallet and could be a cheaper alternative to custom ticket printing. Event companies can promote their next event, party or competitions at a fraction of the cost in comparison. Marketing has never been this easy!

Personalized Bookmarks With Photos as Souvenirs

Brochures still serve an important purpose especially in the hospitality industry but personalized picture bookmarks are catching on. If you own a guesthouse, hotel or other travel and tourism business, you can create a souvenir bookmark. Customers want to pass on something more than a brochure to friends and family. A stunning backdrop of the destination means they can relive their experience and share their story with everyone else.

Custom made bookmarks for Churches, Libraries or Bookstores

Every organisation still using books need personalised bookmarks. Even Churches and Libraries with a smaller marketing budget need to generate interest. Libraries, bookstores and Churches can promote special events like a book launch, charity food drive or fundraising. Bookmarks are also ideal for celebrating Easter, baptisms and other religious occasions. Why not include a patron saint or a favourite prayer on your customized bookmarks gifts?

Personalised Bookmarks for Schools

Bulk bookmarks for schools can be arranged and used in a number of ways. Teachers can offer special personalized bookmark gifts as prizes for student achievements. They can also print important exam or school event dates on the back, timetables and emergency contact information.

How To Print Bookmarks

Bookmarks are made from durable cardstock and can include front and back full colour printing. A high-gloss finish is recommended for a vibrant and crisp visual effect. Most standard bookmarks are sized 5.08 cm x 15.24 cm but you can request oversized custom bookmarks for maximum exposure.

Order bookmarks from Asset Print and experience exceptional quality and fast turnaround times. Bookmark printing is an effective, affordable and especially versatile marketing tool. With a little extra creativity, you could create something special. Contact Us today for a quote.