Rack cards are commonly used for commercial advertising across various locations with high foot traffic. These include hotel rack cards and those used in convenience stores, tourism offices and restaurants. Although rack cards are smaller than posters, brochures or flyers, they have their advantages over other types of print media.

The polished layout of rack cards is perfectly suited for price lists, takeout menus, event calendars among others. Rack card printing and design is optimised to quickly grab the consumer’s attention and pique their interest from the start. The primary goal is getting people to ask for more information about the establishment being advertised. Instead of having to read posters and flyers, rack cards display all the necessary information at first glance.

How To Use Rack Cards For Promoting Your Business

Although it’s common knowledge that rack cards are widely utilised in the tourism sector, almost any type of business can benefit. A good example is how doctors use rack cards in their offices as a means to provide relevant medical information to patients. Golf shops have also started using rack cards and schools frequently give them away containing key information for learners and parents.

Adding perforation to your rack cards mean you can use them as coupons or raffle entries. Get customers to bring their rack cards with them to claim a prize or a special offer. The number of returned cards is a clear indication of how effective they are.

The high quality design and durable paper stock of rack cards mean consumers often use them as bookmarks. Because of this dual purpose, rack cards are not often discarded which means customers always have access to the information provided.

Quick Tips For Effective Rack Card Printing And Design

  • Include a CTA (Call to Action) as close to the top of the front side as possible tell your readers what to do next.
  • Use a captivating headline and tagline but don’t add too much text; high resolution images are far more powerful.
  • Identify your target audience and provide them with useful, relevant information on how your product or service can help them.
  • Best practice is to use the reverse side of your rack cards to communicate the core benefits. Use bullet points to get the information across clearly and easily.

Regardless of how you want your rack cards designed, Asset Print has you covered. Our wealth of experience and industry expertise mean we are able to offer tailor-made services to suit all your needs. We help you design high quality, full colour rack cards available on a variety of 10 x 23cm premium paper stocks.

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