Door Hanger Printing Specialists

Door hanger printing is easily one of the simplest and most cost-effective direct marketing methods. It’s a fantastic way to put your brand and services in front of new potential clients. A number of industries currently using door advertising include real estate, landscaping, dry cleaning, maid services, hotels and restaurants. Custom door handle signs are so effective that nearly any local business can take full advantage.

At Asset Print, we offer full-house design and printing solutions complimented with committed and professional individuals at all levels. We boast among the fastest turnaround times, unmatched budget pricing and exceptional quality. Coupled with our years of industry experience and knowledge, we’ve built a reputation trusted by many businesses across numerous sectors.

Not only do we specialise in printing door hangers, we can also help with the design aspect. This extends to Hotel door hangers, Housekeeping door hangers and Real Estate door hangers to name a few.

Professional Door Hanger Printing and Design Services

Whether or not you have experience in marketing and designing door hangers, the golden rule is to keep it simple. From your promotion message to the actual design, you want to send a clear and direct message to your potential customer.

Door hangers are ideal for promoting sales or coupons, grand openings or special events. Coupons work really well to encourage customers to participate and also very effective for tracking ROI (Return on Investment). Once your new customers contact you, it’s the perfect time to ask what other services they might be interested in.

Creating special offers or a promotion encourages prospective customers/clients to engage and interact with your brand. Who doesn’t love a bargain right? Play to this concept using a PVC door hanger for example, offering a discount upon presentation of the door hanger. You could also supply a special promotional code within the copy.

We’ve all seen a Privacy door hanger or an Occupied door hanger mostly saying, “Do Not Disturb” but there’s so much more to it. Read our blog post for more ideas on how to use door hangers for a direct marketing approach.

Always use a professional, visually appealing design and easy to read font so they can quickly see what you are promoting and what they need to do. This is where a clear CTA (Call to Action) comes in handy. Remember, it’s all about making a statement about your company or brand and the quality of your products or services. Exceptional design on quality stock automatically translates well with your potential audience.

Print as many door hangers as your budget allows so you can save even more on your overheads. Get in touch with our expert designers if you need assistance. Our team is ready to assist in any way they can. Request your quote today and start reaping the rewards.