Correx Board Printing from Asset Print

Correx board printing is a modern-day marvel. There are very few materials that are as uniquely suited for use as both indoor- and outdoor advertising platforms, especially in South Africa, where we encounter a variety of weather extremes almost every day. At Asset Print, we take pride in creating bespoke correx signage solutions for a variety of companies, industries and individuals throughout the country.

Versatile Correx Board

Correx signboards are very popular with estate agents, as well as outdoor marketing companies who specialise in the placement of lamp post signs and distribution on other outdoor structures. This includes election campaign signs, event placards and more.

Correx Signs That Convert

Correx sign printing is an excellent conversion tool. Aside from the fact that it’s a low-cost branding option, it’s also highly visible, creating valuable brand awareness wherever it’s placed. Best of all? You can choose whether you want to print single- or double-sided; or if you want to go full-colour or stick to the basics. It’s effortless, effective and efficient marketing at its best.

DID YOU KNOW? Correx boards can be reused in multiple ways once their marketing goals have been reached. Donate used correx board to schools, retirement homes, NGOs and other businesses that can use it for crafting, low-cost insulation, soaking up water on the floor, etc. This is a great way of ensuring that used marketing materials are recycled so your business can do its bit to preserve the environment.

Correx Printing Tips

Choosing cardboard printing services can be a bit of a headache sometimes. How do you find a printing provider that really knows their stuff? Here are a few tips:

  1. Ask to see examples of previous work done for other clients.
  2. Ask for contactable references and get in touch with prior clients.
  3. Always choose a company that has a solid foothold in the local market.
  4. Work with a business that provides you with personalised service.

Coroplast Boards VS Correx Boards

If you’re reading up about corrugated plastic signage, you may be feeling a little confused. Is it called Correx? Or Coroplast signs? Are these the same? The answer is yes. A Coroplast signboard is exactly the same thing as a Correx board – both are corrugated signboards. These terms are just examples of brand names under which the material is marketed. You may also come across Corriflute or Corflute if you keep researching. In the end, all these brands market the same tough, light-weight material that is suitable for both interior and exterior marketing.

Find Out More About Asset Print Cardboard Printing

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