Tent Card Printing

Tent cards, or table tents, printed at Asset Print are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. These triangular displays are printed and folded in such a way that the material is visible on both sides. They are designed for two people sitting opposite each other at a table to be able to read the information printed on both sides. Table tent cards are used as a form of advertising to promote products, services and specials.

Where would table tents be used?

Most commonly used in the hospitality industry, you are most likely to see restaurant table tents that promote either suppliers’ products, the restaurant’s specials or events. But there is no limit to what message table tents can be used to convey. They can be used as menus at special private functions, place name tents to show where people are seated, custom table tents can be used to show the programme or schedule for an event, to advertise, to share information. There really is no limit to the uses of table tent cards – they are very versatile and practical vehicle for advertising and promoting your business or product or just conveying information.

Custom Table Tents Design

Custom table tents are a great way of sharing information about certain products and promotions. They are a non-invasive way of getting your message across. A tent card is a perfect way to let people know what you are offering without bombarding them with information. A table tent should be designed in such a way that the message is clear, precise and easy to understand. They are small enough to fit on a table, so don’t fill them with tiny text. An eye-catching image will always get people’s attention, and a catchy headline or slogan will draw them in to read more. Once you have got your prospective customers’ attention you can then give more detail, but remember to keep the text short as you don’t want to lose your possible customer by making them have to read small copy. Remember that your table tent is there to grab attention – you need to design it in such a way that people WANT to read it.

Table Tent Printing

We print table tents for a variety of our customers and so we know exactly what works and what doesn’t. As mentioned, a memorable image, a memorable slogan and short informative text are the ingredients for effective table tent cards. When it comes to printing them, at Asset Print we have cutting edge printing technology and the highest grade card so that we can guarantee a quality printed finish that will give your product or promotion a top quality feel.

Contact us now to discuss having your special tent card design printed and get the word out about your exciting offer.