Creating Impressive Custom Wine Labels

Custom Wine Labels

Custom Wine Labels

Always on the lookout for interesting gifting ideas? Or perhaps you have a reunion or corporate function coming up that requires a few impressive decorative touches? Whatever the case may be, custom wine labels are a cost-effective option if you wish to leave a lasting impression. Here are a few insider tips* on designing a custom label that will reflect your style and personality (or that of your business):

Find Your Style

When designing a custom wine label, there are a few different ways to go. This includes traditional, tongue-in-cheek, contemporary & vintage. A traditional label is elegant and dignified, often featuring an illustration or coat of arms, a cursive of serif-style font, lots of open space and a textured paper stock. Tongue-in-cheek labels are all about the fun and normally boast a silly name, bright colours, handwritten fonts and an animal or character illustration. Contemporary wine labels, on the other hand, can go in quite a few directions, but the current trend is to combine bold typography with suggestive negative space and an asymmetrical design. Last, but not least, the vintage label is based on high contrast, a variety of fonts, and liberal use of emblems, filigree, lines, curves and ribbons.

Add Some Personality

Remember to have fun with it. A personal wine label is an expression of your personality or that of our business, so this is the time to play around with icons and images that hold meaning for yourself or your organisation. Have your home or office building illustrated, celebrate your childhood pet, create a brand-new coat of arms – the options are endless.

Include The Obvious

Once you’ve done the fun stuff, remember to add in the must-haves. Even if you’re giving the wine as personal gifts, your recipients will still need to know the varietal and the year in which it was produced so they can pair it with the correct food and determine whether it has maturation potential. It’s also considered good form to credit the actual winery or producer.

There you have it – a few insider tips on creating custom labels that will make your gifts all the more personal and memorable. Keep your eye on the blog in coming weeks and months for more helpful printing advice, and feel free to get in touch with a knowledgeable Asset Print representative if you need expert advice on custom printing solutions.

*These tips are meant to provide some inspiration for labelling for personal use. It is not legal to replace a label for the purpose of resale without the express permission of the producer of the wine. Furthermore, there are a variety of legal requirements pertaining to on-label information in the event that the wine will be made available for sale for profit.

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