Cardstock Printing by Asset Print

Cardstock printing is back in the limelight as businesses and individuals around the globe continue to look for new ways to put their message front and centre. The modern-day marketplace is a busy space – there is a lot of information being shared both digitally and in print, so it only makes sense to grab onto a competitive edge when you find one.

If you’re wondering what exactly cardstock is, here is the gist – cardstock is a thicker, more robust type of paper that is used instead of conventional paper stock (i.e. the type of paper we all know and use on a regular basis) when you want your printed goods to last longer and look a little more ‘expensive’. You get different kinds that are made from materials like cotton, linen, and canvas. The biggest benefits of choosing this kind of printing substrate is that it’s visually interesting, has a clean and modern look, won’t crease or dog-ear nearly as quickly as conventional paper, and has a memorable texture (i.e. it feels nice).

How Printing on Cardstock Makes Your Message Pop

The short of the long is that business card stock shows you mean business. It’s that added touch of class and distinction that sets your message apart from the rest – whether you’re marketing your business, sending out personal missives or designing information leaflets for a special event. Examples of printed materials that will truly shine on printable cardstock include:

  • Cardstock photo prints used as holiday cards to be sent to family and friends.
  • Magnetised takeaway menus for an upmarket restaurant or eatery that can be put up on a fridge.
  • Interesting leave behind collateral for estate agents, e.g. local emergency numbers that can be shared personalized cardstock and trimmed to a convenient size for wallet storage.
  • Double-sided cardstock printing on graduation or wedding programmes with strategically placed slits that turn it into a makeshift photo frame for a creative keepsake.
  • Beautiful metallic printing on black cardstock for a dinner or birthday invitation that’s pretty enough to slip into a frame

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