Domed Labels

  • Various Branding Uses
  • High Class Look & Feel
  • Durable High Quality Labels
  • UV & Chemical Resistant

Domed Labels

Domed labels are the perfect labels for a range of products, including:

  • Product Labels on Machinery and Computers
  • Vehicle Logos
  • Advertising and Promotional Item Labels
  • Staff Name Badges

Domed Product Labels & Vehicle Logos

Get your product or company name to make a good impression with a domed label designed and printed by Asset Print. These high quality durable labels are literally a declaration of quality and will always help your product or company name and logo stand out from the crowd.

Generally made from a Urethane resin, our domed labels are extremely durable and are resistant to UV rays and most chemicals. In fact these labels are often attached to “high use” machines or products such as credit card machines to identify what bank they belong to.

Domed Advertising & Promotional Labels

There are a number of clothing manufacturers and retailers around South Africa who use domed labels to advertise and promote items both in store on the shelves and on badges worn by staff (take a look at domed name badges below). These domed labels add a “touch of class” to a product or promotion and help to make specific products or product names stand out from the multitude of products available in a store.

Domed Name Badges

Domed name badges are simply high quality domed labels with a magnetic or normal pin backing that are used to mark cloths in a non-permanent way. They are generally used to indicate staff names and positions within a company in service industry orientated businesses such as retail supermarkets, vehicle showrooms and restaurants.

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