Exhibition Package

  • A1 Posters
  • DL Brochures
  • Double Sided Business Cards
  • Single Sided Flyers & More

Exhibition Stands Combo Offers

Exhibitions and expos are a fantastic way to generate interest in your business, products or services and that is why we have put together these great combo packs to help you to create the perfect display stands. Whatever your business is offering, these great exhibition packs are perfect to draw the attention of people at the expo and with your high quality brochures and flyers you are sure to gain their interest.

One-Stop Shop for all your Expo needs

We’ve put together two different packages to meet all your exhibition needs. The first package is the Complete Exhibition Pack and contains all the paperwork (Flyers, brochures, posters and business cards) as well as a stunning banner wall, a branded table cloth and roller banners to attract attention to your business.

Complete Exhibition Pack
  • 1 x Banner Wall (3000 x 2250mm)
  • 1 x Branded Table Cloth excluding table (2m x 1.2m)
  • 2 x Roller Banners (Econo base)
  • 5 x A1 Poster
  • 1000 x Brochures (A4 folded to DL)
  • 1000 x Business Cards (Double sided)
  • 5000 x Flyers (Single Sided)
For only R 11,095 ex vat!

The second package that we are offering is the Exhibition Budget Pack which is perfect for the smaller business as well as refilling your exhibition stocks after a successful expo!

Exhibition Budget Pack
  • 5 x A1 Posters
  • 500 x Brochures (A4 folded to DL)
  • 500 x Business Cards Double sided)
  • 5000 x Flyers (Single Sided)
For only R 5,750 ex vat!

Get Noticed!

Put your business into the limelight at the next expo with these attention grabbing exhibition packs! Contact us today to order either of these Exhibition Packs.