The Pro’s Of Printed Paper Placemats

Printed paper placemats are ideal for restaurants, bars, weddings, conferences and parties to name a few. The best part about printing placemats is that you can add your own personal touch that diners or guests will truly appreciate. Whether it is child-friendly colouring placemats or disposable placemats combined with a menu, the options are only limited to your imagination.

Branded paper placemats are visually appealing on any table, incredibly convenient and versatile. Just like customised napkins, printed paper placemats can add so much more to the overall dining experience. At Asset Print, we can design the placemats or you can bring your own ideas. From there, we will print it on paper or vinyl (PVC) and glue it to a Forrex board.

Why You Should Consider Printed Paper Placemats

If you think about it, placemats often go unnoticed as they are generally perceived to serve one specific purpose – keeping the table clean. That said, there are several reasons why printed paper placemats are highly recommended.

Paper placemats can keep restaurants tables, bar counters and dining room tables clean

  • Placemats with a colouring theme, puzzles, games or cartoons will keep kids (and many adults) busy
  • Some companies add conversation starters to their placemats including quotes, famous sayings or interesting facts which will get people talking
  • Printing paper placemats with a menu or special offers can save you time and money as there is no need to print menus, flyers or posters
  • Table mats can also impress guests at a themed dinner event or birthday parties
  • Placemats printed on biodegradable and eco-friendly printing paper is a great sustainable option and shows your support for the environment.

Printed Paper Placemats For Restaurants, Bars & Hotels

Branded placemats not only enhance the décor of an establishment but it also creates a memorable experience for everyone involved. Printing placemats for restaurants and bars can serve a multitude of purposes, especially if they have unique messaging or appetising artwork.

Good quality printed paper placemats can encourage customers to try out new items or learn more about your brand. This is especially important in scenarios where you can’t market to them directly. Placemats can also be laminated to maximise their longevity which makes them particularly appealing to restaurants and bars.

Printed paper placemats create an engaging dining experience without wasting time and money on laundry as you would with tablecloths. Placemats can really personalise a table which helps create a special experience for everyone.

Printing Placemats In Cape Town

Asset Print is one of the leading companies in Cape Town for printing placemats. We provide quality and affordable design and printing services where our professional team will help you find the perfect option for you.

All of our placemats are available in different formats including disposable, card printing, environmentally friendly printer paper, laminated and foam board. Our state-of-the-art equipment and processes mean we can create customised placemats to your exact specifications.

For the best online printing deals in Cape Town, call Asset Print on 0861 527 738 or visit our shop at St. Michael’s Park, Observatory. You can also email us as at if you require further assistance or have any additional questions about printed paper placemats. Our team of experts are standing by, excited to help you create the ultimate table mats for your business or event.