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We are a digital poster printing company that offers you low-cost, full-colour and large format posters at reasonable prices and excellent turnaround times.

Digital Poster Printing

Whether you are a small business looking for a lower print run of a few hundred posters or a large commercial company requiring bigger quantities, or you’re looking for eco-friendly poster printing – our digital printing technology offers you cost-effective, high-quality printing solutions at every turn. An added advantage of using digital printing is that you can vary the information in one print run without incurring extra costs. For example, on a run of 200 posters advertising an event on two different dates at different venues, you can print 100 with one date/ venue and 100 with the next. Next time you’re searching ‘poster printing to me’, simply think Asset Print. We’ve got you covered.

Poster Sizes And Prices

We offer posters in all the standard poster sizes. This includes all the large posters and smaller sizes on the following spectrum:

A0 poster841 x 1189 mm
A1 poster594 x 841 mm
A2 poster420 x 594 mm
A3 poster297 x 420 mm

Please note the poster printing price will be determined according to a number of variables, e.g. whether you choose HD poster printing or require personalised poster printing to suit a particular requirement. Custom posters are easy to create, whether you choose A0, A1, A2, or A3 poster printing – simply get in touch, and a member of our expert team will contact you to discuss our poster prices, provide an obligation-free quote or tell you about our latest specials on posters.

What Can I Use A Poster For?

Business Posters

Business posters are an evergreen marketing tool that allows companies of all shapes and sizes to promote their services. This includes everything from travel posters, to posters for preschools, hotels, gyms, and laundry services, to dental clinics, physiotherapy clinics, taxi cabs, and wedding photography service providers.

Of course, businesses also require internal workplace posters – to share information with corporate event posters, to promote awareness campaigns and workplace safety. In certain industries, health and safety posters are required by law, while other companies choose to put up health and safety posters in the workplace to inform and safeguard the employees of their own accord.

Political Posters

Political party posters are another very popular application of the poster format. When you take a look at campaign poster examples over the years, you will find that political posters with clear messaging and captivating images have the highest success rate. This is why it’s important to have political posters professionally designed and printed by a reliable poster printing company.

Student council posters are another great example of the political campaign poster in action. Creative student council posters stand out from the crowd and can give ambitious learners the advantage they need to succeed. The same goes for advocacy campaign posters that are used in schools and workplaces as well.

Music And Event Posters

Event advertisement posters can lay the groundwork for sold-out shows and amazing word-of-mouth reach when the material is designed to capture the imagination of the target audience. This includes everything from posters for school concerts, classical music events, jazz festivals, dance recitals, and rock posters.

TOP TIP: Band posters often need to promote multiple gigs, festivals or concerts in one go. The same goes for event organisers such as circus troupes. In cases like these, it’s very important to ensure that you capture the eye of the casual reader and then provide truly interested parties with all the information they require with regard to time, place and ticket sales in an easily legible way.

Home Decor Posters

Posters are a fun and inexpensive way to decorate your home and office. For instance, if you are running with a monotone theme, you can print black and white posters and have them framed to use as artwork in your space. The same goes for vintage movie posters and vintage prints that are freely available to download from the internet.

Photo posters are also a popular interior decor option these days. When families have photoshoots done by a professional, it is more cost-effective to have the images printed as posters, and then blocked and framed, rather than blowing it up to a large scale on photo paper.

Sports Posters

Sports posters provide teams with a means of promoting their games to gather crowds, and also give fans a way to show off their love for a particular team or sport in general. This includes everything from golf and running posters, to Olympic posters often framed and kept as a keepsake to commemorate a particular year that stood out for a country or team.

Posters for alternative sports like surfing and skateboarding are also very popular with teens and younger children, who love using them to decorate their rooms and show off their interests to their peers. As such, finding out which sportsmen- and women your kids revere, and having sports posters printed for their room could make a great birthday gift.

Product Advertising Posters

One of the main uses of advertising posters is the promotion of product campaigns and specials. This includes advertising everything from food to cars on posters. Creating advertisement posters that really sell is a skill honed over time, which is why it’s wonderful to work with a seasoned team who knows what they’re doing.

This principle applies to everything from posters for restaurant specials, to burgers, ice cream, bicycles, clothes, shoes, cake, chocolate, phone offers, pizza, and bakery goods, to car wash deals, perfume bundles, laptops, coffee, tea, juice, makeup, fashion sales, jewellery price cuts and so much more.

TOP TIP: An easy way to get great ideas for advertisement posters is to look to the greats. Look at what brands like KFC, Nike, Mcdonald’s and Coca-Cola have done in the past, and use this as a jumping-off point to inspire your own amazing poster ideas!

These are just a few suggestions. At Asset Print, we have years of experience and can chat to you about your specific needs. From single-sided or double-sided A0 poster printing to A1 poster printing, A2 poster printing and A3 poster printing, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Cape Town-based commercial poster printing services are designed to meet the specific needs of your business – large or small. Buy online or talk to us today!

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