Save The Date Ideas & Prices

If you’re in the process of planning a wedding or other big event, chances are you’ve been thinking about your save the date. Save the date cards became popular in the mid-2000s and has only grown in popularity in recent years. The cards are used to announce the date of a wedding or event; it’s a way to tell guests to keep the date free and that more information will be shared at a later stage.

However, what started out as a plain old organisational tool that allowed you to inform guests about an event before all the details had been ironed out, has now evolved into a very important step of the expected modern-day event invitation process.

Whether you opt for save the date magnets or want to have save the date postcards printed, this is the first piece of communication a prospective guest will receive, which means it has to set the tone for your wedding or event. The look and feel of this early missive will let them know whether they’re being invited to a sleek, glittering affair; a relaxed, rustic occasion; or an off-the-wall party that requires dressing up, for instance.

Make An Impression With Interesting Save The Date Invitations

Wedding save the date stationery is an opportunity to share a little bit of your personality as a couple. When you collaborate with an established printer you’ll have access to plenty of cutting-edge printing and binding techniques. Here are a few interesting ideas to consider when designing your save the date:

  • Lining the envelope with a photo, pattern, a map of your town or another interesting visual.
  • Using laser-cutting to add an interesting tactile element to the stationery.
  • Using printed vellum as a pretty overlay on standard cardstock.
  • Opting for a fridge magnet with a removable centre so your guests can use it for their own pictures after the event.

Baby Shower Save The Date Ideas

Custom save the dates for events like baby showers, bachelorettes, kitchen teas, etc. are just as popular as those for weddings. Here are a few cute ideas for baby showers especially:

  • Feature baby photos of both parents.
  • Print the stationery on seeded paper so guests can plant it to grow flowers or vegetables afterwards.
  • Ask an older sibling to draw a picture and use it as the basis of the design for the stationery.

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