Printed Fridge Magnets

  • Cost Effective Brand Awareness or
  • Personalised Event Reminders

Fridge Magnets: Perfect Promo or Gift Idea

Fridge magnets are one of the most effective, far-reaching, cost-efficient mass marketing or bulk gift tools out there. This might seem like a far reach, but when broken down it makes 100% logical sense. Most people in South Africa have a fridge, and most of us use our fridge as either a tribute to our friends and family with happy snapshots displayed on the door or to keep useful and important notes and documents safe and top of mind. By using custom printed fridge magnets, you can turn your fridge into your notice board and never lose those important papers again.

Why Fridge Magnet Printing Makes Marketing Sense

With most households in South Africa owning a fridge, and the fact that most of us use our fridge to display notes, photos, and important paperwork, the use of custom printed magnets is a given. So, this is the perfect promotional opportunity to get traction for your brand, event or idea.

  • Custom fridge magnets, thanks to their practicality are put to use, and so are always on display to keep your company or product top of mind.
  • The fridge is one of the most visited points in any household, so you are getting constant and repeated exposure with a fridge magnet.
  • They are long-lasting, and while a piece of direct marketing via the post or a business card would get lost or torn, a fridge magnet remains intact long after you have been given it.
  • You can have some fun with the design and create a product that is creative and useful.
  • Fridge magnet printing at Asset Print guarantees a top quality product that is cost effective and impactful.

Fridge magnets are an invaluable marketing tool for any business or promotion.

Ideas for Magnet Printing

Shopping lists, family photos, car license renewals, recipes, invitations, postcards, bills. We all keep things that are important on our fridges, and so most of us understand and appreciate the value of a good quality fridge magnet.

At Asset Print, we specialise in great quality flat printed magnets. Our range of services for custom printed magnets includes:

  • Photo fridge magnets
  • Business card magnet printing
  • Magnet printing for fridge calendars
  • Printed magnets with emergency numbers
  • Magnet printing for bookmarks

Where to get magnets printed

For all your promotional magnet printing needs, Asset Print is the place for you! We have both the experience and the expertise to offer you the best end product and the best service when it comes to getting both business fridge magnets and personalised fridge magnets printed. Whether you are printing your company logo and contact details, a special promotion or offering, a family photo, calendar of events or just a fun gift for family and friends, we are the place to be to get magnets printed in a fast, friendly and professional manner.

Speak to us now to get your fridge magnets into production!