Direct Mail Printing

Direct mail printing has been around for quite some time and continues to form part of our daily lives. It is defined as the process of sending promotions or offers by mail to existing and potential customers. Direct mail printing companies create and circulate printed coupons, flyers, and product samples, along with custom specialty items such as keychains, magnets and pens.

At Asset Print, we understand first-hand the power of direct mail printing as a form of marketing. A well-designed and cost-effective print campaign is vital which is why our professional team is at your disposal. They will work with you to conceptualise, create and implement an exceptional direct mail campaign to increase your brand awareness, expand your reach and improve your market influence.

What Are The Benefits Of Direct Mail Printing?

Direct mail is highly targeted

Companies can obtain customer lists for direct mail marketing purposes. They can find information on people who purchase a certain product and communicate with them using direct mail without the hassle of first getting them to “opt-in”. That means your direct mail campaign will reach a much more targeted audience compared to email marketing.

Direct mail marketing is flexible

Direct mail marketing is highly flexible as a small business can use various formats or options including brochures, leaflets, magazines and catalogues. They can even use postcards to market its products which can save on cost. Small manufacturers can also include free samples of a new product in their mailing. Businesses can include as much information as they want in a direct mail campaign depending on their marketing budget.

Direct mail printing is cost effective

As technology advances in terms of computer hardware and software, companies can easily design appealing brochures. Modern printing technology is capable of printing thousands of copies making it much more affordable for businesses of all sizes and individuals. An added cost benefit is that companies can send a small sample mail of a direct mail advertisement as a test before committing to a larger campaign.

Direct mail is personalised

Depending on your requirements, direct mail printing can also be highly personalised. Various computer software allows businesses to address their consumers by name in a direct mail campaign. This is very similar to email marketing campaigns using salutations such as, “Dear [firstName]” or “Looking forward to working with {companyName]”. Personally addressing people can enhance the entire experience which could ultimately lead to some customers buying a company’s products.

Asset Print has the necessary knowledge, skills and equipment to help your direct mail printing campaign succeed. Whether your goal is to reach a specific group of people or a particular region, we have the resources to make it happen. We can also incorporate your mailing list into a direct mail campaign streamlining your marketing efforts even further. Our software is postal-approved and can help customise your direct mail pieces for each individual with variable data printing.

Get in touch to find out more about our direct mail printing services and if you need help with your design, our team is ready to assist in any way they can. Request your quote today.