Custom And Branded Christmas Printing Service

People send each other cards over the festive season, and this is a good opportunity to reach out to your customers, suppliers and staff. At Asset Print, company Christmas card printing is quite a focus during this time of the year. Doing bulk Christmas printing can get pricey if you want to do more than one design unless you get clever in how you scheme up the cards.

Company Christmas Card Printing

When you print your own Christmas cards, you need to know that you can set up different designs on the larger page and still pay the same per card. You can, for example, print 16 A5 cards on an A1 sheet. So you can have 12 cards for clients, 3 for suppliers and 1 for staff per sheet. Multiply that sheet by 100 or 1000 or 1000 and you will get the number of cards you will get. Your festive cards can be anything: you can choose to print photo Christmas cards, or you commission an artist to design your personalised business Christmas cards. You can hold a competition among your staff to design your company branded Christmas cards and give prizes for the best designs.

Christmas Card Sizes

Most Christmas card sizes are A6 or A5 folded to A6, with either a plain or printed envelope to match. Some will go A5, but that would depend on your design, require writing space or pre-printed message and your budget. If you’re looking for different Christmas card printing sizes – our team will gladly assist you with custom Christmas card sizes to suit your needs.

Bulk Christmas Card Printing

So, whether you choose to print photo Christmas cards, or do bulk personalised cards, speak to us. We can show you what has been done before and discuss ways to print your own Christmas cards at the best possible price.

Company Branded Christmas Cards

People know you are in business, and if you send them company branded Christmas cards, they will most likely appreciate the gesture and continue to support you in the year ahead.

Personalised Christmas Cards

Not many people know that you can print personalised Christmas Cards with special software. So your card can read “Dear Bob Jones and family” or “Seasons Greetings from [your business name].”

Christmas Card Sizes

You all know an A4 piece of printed paper, right? So an A5 will be half that from top to bottom, and if you make the A5 into a folded card, it will be an A6 Christmas card. A-sizes are very practical because they fit inside ready-made envelopes called C-sizes.

Bulk Christmas Card Printing

Christmas cards can be very expensive if you don’t know what you are doing. If you are only doing a few, you can print them on your office printer. They will be expensive per print and the colour may not hold. On the other hand, if you do bulk Christmas card printing and speak to an expert on where you can save money and still not look cheap – your festive season cards can be one of the more cost-effective ways to connect to your customers.

Choosing Company Branded Christmas Cards

You are the master of your festive season design. You know your customers the best, and you will know whether your cards should have a Christmas photo design or a picture of the tyres you sell. Whatever the company branded Christmas cards you send out, people love getting them and you will make a valuable business connection at a very low cost per unit. There are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Not all your customers celebrate Christmas, so look at your message for them.
  • Do you have branding guidelines in terms of fonts used, etc? Will these guidelines do, or is it time to print your Christmas cards for the season and not for my business?
  • Festive cards are not limited to Christmas and you can really use these to connect with your clients throughout the year.

The Asset Print team has been printing all manner of festive cards for many businesses and organisations over the years. So fill in the easy, no-obligation quote request to find out just how affordable your Christmas Printing can be.