Business Calendars

  • Custom Printed Calendars
  • Branded Calendars
  • Functional Advertising
  • An Ideal Corporate Gift

Business Calendars

Our Business Calendars make an attractive gifts for both staff and clients, and thanks to the fact that they can easily be used as Branded Calendars, they are able to be used to create impactful company advertising. This makes all of our printed Customised Calendars an extremely cost effective way to advertise your products and brands, while also ensuring that your company name always remains in view of the business decision makers you want to reach.

Corporate Calendars

When you need to display your corporate logo on as many desks as possible you need Corporate Calendars that don’t cost the earth to print and that are available in a number of different Corporate Calendar Printing formats. This is why we provide one of the biggest range of Corporate Calendar options to our in-store customers in Cape Town and to our national customer base through our online printing store. These Business Calendar Printing options include, but are not limited to:

  • CD Case Calendars (Standup Format)
  • A1 & A2 Wall Calendars
  • Deskpad Calendars (Various Sizes)

Business Calendars as Functional Advertising

Even in the digital age client relations still remains one of the biggest drivers of business success in South Africa. However, for this to have an ongoing effect it needs continual attention and even regular financial investment. This is where items such as Business Calendars, Branded Diaries and Customised Notebooks come in, as they are such an effective marketing medium as they enrich business relationships through the creation of a personal connection with clients. But there is more to it than simply offering a client a Branded Company Calendar, as their is a distinctive art to gifting in a business environment that needs to be followed.

The Art of Company Calendar Gifting

The art of successful corporate gifting lies in extending an item that appeals to the contemporary business person and simultaneously offers functionality. It also needs to be an item that increases brand awareness while making a positive statement about the company being advertised. Company Calendars, along with personalised company diaries and stationery, are indispensable business tools that are used to structure daily work. This means that when a client is given a personalised Business Calendar, the name of the business being advertised is always going to be associated with driving the business forward.

Custom Business Calendars Are Still Relevant

No matter how things change the popularity of our Custom Calendar Printing Services continues to endure despite the increasing use of online Business Calendar technology. This is partly due to the quality of our products and customer service, but also because Corporate and Business Calendars have proven to be remarkably impervious to everything that the digital age has thrown at them thus far. This is because even though electronic Company Calendars and planners may be easily available, the need for a traditional version of these timeless products still remains thanks to their aesthetic appeal.

Business Calendar Printing Services

If you are looking for the most cost effective way to get your quality Business Calendar Printing done, then please contact us at Asset Print to discuss all of your Company Calendar Printing needs.