Professional Bulk Printing Services In Cape Town

Mass or bulk printing involves orders of the same media to be printed in large quantities. Nearly every organisation or business requires bulk printing services at some point and for good reason. Imagine printing 1 000 documents on a local desktop printer, not to mention 10 000, and how time-consuming and expensive such a task would be. Here is a rough calculation of just how long it would take to print and fold 10 000 pages. Let’s assume that the fastest small business copiers can do 25–30 pages per minute which means it would take around 7 hours of continuous printing. Not only is that a waste of valuable company time, you could easily go through numerous toner cartridges. What about printing double-sided full colour documents? The costs could be astronomical. Mass printing services is best suited for organisations that need regular, large volumes of printed projects. Good examples include mass mailing ad campaigns or high-volume newsletters to be sent weekly or monthly to potential customers.

Benefits of Bulk Printing Services

Bulk document printing is quite possibly the most financially viable and practical solution for many reasons. The main benefits of using bulk printing companies, like Asset Print, include considerable savings on bulk printing costs, quick turnaround times and the easy application of different methods such as inkjet printing or laser printing. Printing costs cannot even begin to compare when doing it yourself. As we saw earlier, you will spend considerably more time and money if you don’t use bulk printing companies which is especially the case with multi-page bulk colour printing jobs. It’s best to leave it in the hands of professionals and with Asset Print, you get the whole nine yards. We also fold, staple and number your documents which is particularly handy when printing coupons or raffle tickets for example. In addition, Asset Print also provides a no-nonsense, custom quote based on your printing requirements. With more than a decade in the printing industry, Asset Print still relies on service excellence and competitive pricing without compromise. Our quality bulk printing services in Cape Town include business card design and printing, calendars, brochures, flyers, stickers, booklets and much more.

Never settle for second best, get in touch with us for all your bulk printing needs. Our Digital and Litho printers make us the one-stop bulk printing shop in Cape Town.