Reasons to Use Swing Tags for Branding in 2021

Swing 'sale' tags

If there is one thing we can all agree on as retailers, it’s that the marketing space is extremely crowded these days. Additionally, recent economic pressures have made consumers extra conscious about their spending, which means they are taking their time to evaluate products carefully before they purchase, instead of simply popping it in their trolleys.

If you have been looking for ways to help your products to stand out on store shelves, we’d like to recommend that you consider swing tags as a branding vehicle in the year to come. Here are a few reasons why this low-tech option should be on your radar in 2021 and beyond:

1. It Has a Lower Environmental Impact

These days, most consumers are looking out for products and manufacturers who tread lightly upon the earth. When you use unbleached kraft paper swing tags to share your brand messaging, it is much easier to compost or recycle, as opposed to something like a sticker or foiled material that goes on a jar or bottle, or a plastic-coated tag that goes on clothing.

2. There Are Many Affixment Options

The one thing you need to be completely sure of when you use swing tags is that it will stay securely fastened to your product in transit and while it’s on display. Fortunately, there are many modes of affixment that range from ribbon, elastic and wire, to a standard tagging gun. If you partner with a printing provider like Asset Print, you’ll also have your pick of countless string colours to suit the overall look and feel of your brand.

3. It Draws The Eye

An attractive, well-designed swing tag really draws the eye, especially if you take the time to craft appealing visuals that are in line with your CI.

4. You Can Get Creative

Swing tags leave lots of room for creativity. For instance, you could use seeded paper that your customers can plant after the fact to enjoy flowers and herbs. Or you could create a custom die-cut with the help of your printing provider that turns the tag into a useful article, e.g. wedge to straighten a wobble table. Think outside of the box!

5. It’s Super Affordable

Swing tags also happen to be super affordable, which is great if you are trying to keep your branding expenses low so you can pass the savings on to your end-consumer.

There you have it – five excellent reasons to consider swing tags for your branding needs in 2021 and beyond. Check back soon for more printing inspiration, and remember to contact us if you want to know more about Asset Print processes and services.

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