5 Secrets to Trade Show Success

Trade Show Stalls

Trade Show

At Asset Print, we’ve assisted many companies to prepare for trade shows by providing tailored marketing collateral that speaks to a B2B demographic. We’ve also taken part in a fair amount of trade shows ourselves, which is where we fine tuned our approach to these events. Over the years, we’ve picked up quite a few nifty tricks to ensure that the trade show crowd makes their way to our stand, and those of our clients.

Here are our five top secrets to trade show success:

Look The Part

The first thing a potential client will see when they approach your stand is the way it’s been put together. Make sure that everything is neat and tidy, and that the employee manning your stand has been properly briefed in terms of their appearance. Depending on the nature of your business, it may not be necessary to be kitted out in suit and tie, but you do want everyone looking fresh and presentable.

Make Your Collateral Readily Available

Similarly, your marketing collateral like posters, business cards and banners should be well-printed and neatly presented within easy reach. Potential clients may not have the time to stop for your pitch, but if your marketing material is easy to spot, they are likely to take home some more information if they are interested in your brand.

Be Quick About It

How and when you approach a potential business contact who comes up to your stall can be pivotal in whether they remain interested or not. Prepare an enticing 30-second elevator pitch that your employees can practice in case someone asks them to point out the USPs of your brand. You will seldom have more time than that.

Have A Solid Opener

Also have a few practice runs at the office to ensure that everyone is on board with how interested parties should be approached. TOP TIP: In a trade show environment, a hard sell approach tends to scare people off, as does being ignored. Instead, train your staff to great everyone with a non-aggressive opener like ‘Enjoying the show?’.

Bring Some Fun Into It

If all else fails – offer some incentive to stop by your stand. This could be anything from a spin-the-wheel lucky draw, to some snacks or a working example of your product that allows potential customers to try it on the spot. TOP TIP: If you do plan on taking a working example of your product, always pack at least two replacements. You never know what might happen in transit or during the show, and you always want your product to be absolutely pristine and photo-ready.

By following these guidelines, you will be laying the groundwork for a successful trade show that is bound to yield plenty of high-quality business leads. For more information on how we can help you to prepare for your next B2B event with everything from flyers to X-banners, feel free to get in touch with our enthusiastic team of printing and marketing professionals.

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