3 Ways Print Media Can Supercharge Sales

The bold new decade is upon us, and that only means one thing – everything we thought we knew about marketing up until this point is poised to change yet again. The digital age has completely changed the way that businesses engage with consumers, and up until now, it may have seemed that printed media was on its way out. However, major brands like IKEA, McDonald’s and Burger King have been leading the vanguard in a revival of print advertising of late, and with good reason – emerging tech is making it more relevant than ever!

Catalogues Are The New Magazines

At a time when most businesses are spending the bulk of their marketing budget on digital advertising, furniture giant IKEA still spends up to 70% of their annual budget on printed media. No kidding – the yearly IKEA catalogue is the most important component of every year’s campaign. This gigantic project spans 180 million copies, 283 pages, 72 different versions, and 29 different languages each year – and it works. Why so? Because consumers treat the beautifully designed, carefully compiled catalogue like a magazine. They take their time consuming the information, and they keep it around!

Programmatic Print Makes for In-Depth Personalisation

The term ‘programmatic print’ refers to the use of embedded QR codes in printed advertisements to provide readers with personalised offers and/or vouchers based on their location and the time of day. For instance, if a reader in Cape Town should scan an ad for McDonald’s at 09:00 on a Monday morning, they may get a voucher for a free coffee with their breakfast, etc. The advertiser can also adjust these offers if they notice that they are losing ground to competitor brands in the same sphere, rather than having a static offer printed in thousands of papers.

AI Merges the Gap between Print and Digital

As AI (artificial intelligence) tools like Google Lens continues to develop, there is an even greater scope to cross the print-to-digital divide. For instance, a US-based streaming service recently took out three ads in the NY Times to promote a new TV show – when readers held their smartphones over it, they could see fictional advertisements for a store in the show, thereby looping them into the upcoming show’s ‘world’ and setting the tone for the narrative.

There you have it – five innovative ways in which you can use printed media to supercharge sales for your business in 2020 and beyond. Keep an eye on the blog in the coming weeks and months for more interesting info on tangible marketing collateral and more. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to an Asset Print representative if you would like to request an obligation-free quote or learn more about our print services.

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