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Sticker Printing – Make Your Brand Stick

When it comes to marketing and brand promotion, what every single company wants (be they big or small) is to go viral. But what exactly does it mean to go viral? In short, it means your advertising stops being something you bombard the public with and transforms into something the consumer actively spreads on your behalf. What people tend to forget (bombarded as they are by social media, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) is that viral used to be an old-fashioned biology term before it was co-opted for computers…

And so, reintroducing: the old-fashioned sticker.

It doesn’t need to be on the server or in the cloud. It doesn’t need a wifi connection or even any electricity. It doesn’t require a monthly premium to stay where it is. It can go anywhere, even places where (privacy laws say) conventional advertising is not allowed to go. And it keeps working twenty-four/seven.

But does it work? The fact of the matter is that stickers are much more likely to be considered a gift than many conventional (and much more expensive) advertising giveaways. You cannot give someone a sticker without them thinking (even in an exasperated fashion): “Where can I paste this?” And so the willingness to use it is automatic, a knee-jerk reflex learned at childhood. This is mainly because, unlike your traditional keychains or fridge calendars, the applications for stickers are virtually boundless. Case in point, just this week I found myself in need of a way to distinguish my padlock from all the identical padlocks in the gym locker room. Insert your sticker into that scenario and you’ve promoted your brand to a select group (and me) in an environment that is difficult to access.

Best of all, if done right, to the consumer’s mind they are expressing themselves by extolling your product. To every other person who sees it, it is the equivalent of a double thumbs up from the person who put it there: a much more trustworthy testament than simple end-to-end advertising. If the sticker is particularly attractive, it might even justify being a retail item itself rather than a promotional giveaway.

How is this achieved? By way of careful planning and design. By creating a sticker that not only promotes the brand but speaks to the consumer’s individuality. Modern printing technology allows for stickers that are virtually any size or shape and can conform to exacting specifications, to fit everything from lapels to beer bottles and bumpers. Available colors are limitless. Backgrounds can be printed or see-through; gloss or matt; vinyl or paper and can stick to almost any surface and stay there, come rain or shine. Or consider domed stickers for that high-end law firm look.

Of course, stickers aren’t only good for guerilla advertising. They can also be used to customize existing products, such as bulk blank posters, flyers or packaging, with new information. Such as “free t-shirt on entry” and “may contain nuts”. They can be used to single out products for discount or compliance. They can even be used on the products of other manufacturers to make known dates of service or collaborative efforts.

Why wait? Our collaborative designers will aid you in creating the catchy / dignified / purposeful sticker(s) your business needs to get you going viral. Visit our store today and start sticking up for your business!

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