Spruce Up Your Business for Spring & Summer

Shop Window Stickers

Spring cleaning. Think about it. Clear out the drab of winter and freshen up the place for the season of growth and renewal. As we move through spring into the sizzling summer, the pace of life quickens. People move more, go about, spend time looking, spend money buying. Make sure they spend it with you.

Shout out. Here I am. And boy, look what I have!

First thing is to make sure they see you when they walk or drive past. Get some bright feather banner in front of your store. Rand for rand there is no better way to attract attention than these gently-moving, tall, elegant invitations.

If your location allows, look at bunting – those strings of bright little flags you always see at car dealerships. You see them there because they attract attention.

Why not go into your customer’s home to remind them of what you offer? Say you have a restaurant or takeaway, or something like a beauty salon, then do a post-box drop of fridge magnets in your feeder area. Grab that grudge moment when mom opens the fridge to figure out supper. She sees your name. You will sell her tonight’s meal!

Get some quirky little stickers to put on your packaging. “I don’t care how old I am, I am going on the bouncy castle.” A little chuckle goes a long way to building relationships.

Once your customers are inside your shop, speak to them. Think posters in snapper frames. Once the frames are up it takes a minute to change the message. Buy this and get that. Half price. Summer sizzlers.

Depending on your shop layout, you can let your display areas speak to your customers. Wobblers are great for attracting attention to a specific area or deal. These little hand-sized posters are mounted on stiff board and can be die-cut to any shape. They are attached to the edge of a shelf with a flexible acetate strip, so they will move slightly as people move and breathe near them.

Another winner is a shelf strip, normally about 25mm high by around 900mm wide, depending on your setup. These can be stuck to the edge of the shelf or slid behind the clear strip of the PI-holder, if you use that.

Category banners are a neat way of saying: “We have this here, and that there.” You can make them as big or small as your shop can handle, but they are normally vertical strips 200mm wide by 1m tall and printed both sides. They can be die-cut as well, so your “SPECIAL” can bulge out a bit.

If you have tables, you must have table talkers to tell them about your delicious waffles, such a good price. Table talkers can be flat double-sided, a double-sided tent card or a vertical three-sided display.

And finally, what about a till-point display to remind them of what they did not know they still needed when it comes to paying.

There is a lot you can do to make your business more attractive this season. Speak to our friendly staff if you want to see samples or discuss any of the items mentioned above. Happy summer!

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