Tips For Printing Restaurant Menus

Printed Restaurant Menus

Printed Restaurant Menus

For most establishments, printing restaurant menus is one of the largest expenses after flyer printing and marketing materials. Whether you run a coffee shop, café or a gourmet restaurant, your business cannot do without a good menu. It’s also not just about the food but the design and quality print as well. A well-designed restaurant menu often leads to customers spending even more than what they intended.

Besides billboard or building signage, menus are essential in generating a mouthwatering appeal. A big risk with uninteresting menus is that people might think it resembles the food quality. It’s important to design your menu for maximum effect while providing sufficient information.

Although a big menu offers variety, too many options actually make it harder for the customer to decide. Minimising menu options enable customers to make a quick decision resulting in a more positive experience.

Don’t be tempted to add loads of photographs as your menu could appear cluttered. Instead, choose a few best-sellers and place high-resolution images in appropriate locations. Menus need to be easy and quick to read so use simple fonts anyone can read without squinting or deciphering. Arial, Verdana, Tahoma and even Comic Sans are a few good examples.

Tips For Printing Restaurant Menus

Even if the menu is designed to perfection, don’t be frugal with the quality of print. There is nothing worse than folded, ripped, torn or stained menus so be sure you choose wisely when printing restaurant menus.

If your restaurant has a high flow of traffic, choose single-use menus printed on 120gsm uncoated paper. They are deemed disposable and the ideal solution if your menu changes regularly. The paper also makes them perfect for laying on the table instead of placemats or even for kids to colour in.

For those looking for a tougher, yet affordable alternative, consider menus printed on either 350gsm silk or uncoated card. These are not laminated but still durable enough to sustain the daily abuse menus tend to endure. Available in full colour, single or double-sided, they offer good value for money and perfect for establishments that don’t regularly change their menus.

The most durable option is a laminated menu. They’re easier to clean and more affordable in the long-term as replacements aren’t needed nearly as often. Avoid costly reprints by using a separate sheet to display weekly or monthly specials instead of adding them to your menu. As far as possible, avoid printing on coloured paper as it may seem cheaper but your design elements could appear blurry or even discoloured. Consider a slightly glossy or matt art paper resulting in a clearer and sharper print.

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