Printing Techniques & How to Use it – Part II

Printing Techniques: Varnish

Why yes, we are back with another blog in our series on fantastic printing techniques and how to use it in real life. In our previous segment, we discussed the merits of embossing and the inspiring ways in which it can be applied to everything from business cards to wine labels. Today we continue our journey by taking a closer look at varnishing.




First things first, let’s take a look at the different kinds of varnishes you can consider when you want to add a little something extra to your printed goods. This includes:

  • Gloss varnishing, which adds a high sheen to your printed surface.
  • Matt varnishing, which imparts a smooth, non-glossy look to printed materials.
  • Satin varnishing, which walks the fine line between gloss and matt.
  • Spot VS all-over varnishing – add highlights or interest by creating designated areas of gloss, or apply it all over a printed piece as a high-sheen sealant.



Lovely Letterheads

Letterheads provide recipients of official letters and documents with a tangible glimpse of your corporate identity. While most information is shared via digital channels these days, printing something on a company or personal letterhead adds a touch of class. Make sure that yours stand out by adding varnish elements to make your CI pop.

Fantastic Flyers

Flyers are an invaluable tool in any marketing professional’s arsenal. An all-over varnish not only makes a flyer look more professional and polished, it also ensures that the printed surface stays in good nick for longer. This is especially helpful if your flyers are intended to be put up on messaging boards, etc.

Inspired Invitations

Invitations to a birthday party, sweet 16, anniversary, or wedding set the tone for the entire event. Create something truly special with the addition of a varnish. Spot gloss is particularly effective for applications like these. By highlighting certain aspects of your invitation design you can draw the eye to important information, or simply create a beautiful effect that makes for a memorable missive.

Sizzling Swing Tags

Swing tags share more than just some helpful information about your product – it also creates the first impression of your brand. Add some varnish to create visual interest and elevate the look and feel of your good instantly.

There you have it – four awesome applications for varnishing that you can use to dial up the awesomeness level on your next printing project. Check back soon for more printing inspiration, and remember to contact us if you want to know more about Asset Print’s processes and services.

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