Is Print Media Yester-year?

Printing technology has a rich history

Printing technology has a rich history, but does this mean that printed media is yester-year?

This is a question on the lips of so many people and the simple answer is NO. Digital may be cheaper and more efficient in reaching a wider audience faster but print media remains a powerful cog in the advertising wheel.

Studies have shown that print media leaves a more positive impression than digital media. This is mainly based on eye tracking techniques and biometric measurements of people’s behaviour. Accordingly to the study, print media is also mostly viewed for longer periods of time compared to digital.

Modern printers are cutting edge,
 further proof that print media is not dead

Modern printers are cutting edge, further proof that print media is not dead

Advantages of print media


People like to hold and touch a physical item and get a feel for ownership; that the publication is theirs. Many people prefer paging through a magazine or newspaper than viewing it online scrolling down the screen.

Branding and Budgeting

Print media generates a higher percentage of brand impact as it stimulates the audience visually and cognitively by means of striking images. You can also choose the space to advertise so your budget and expenses are relatively easy to manage.


Consumers generally trust what they read in print media more than in digital publications. This is based on the principle that you can quickly remove a statement or post from social media for example. Print media is different as once it’s printed for the masses, the article is there to stay and retracting it could cost a small fortune. Not to mention the dozens of pop-up ads on some websites or the risk of Spam or viruses.

More Engaging

Print is a cognitive medium meaning it’s easier to present complex issues and topics to the reader. It’s been noted that psychologically, people process print media better than digital as it is more ‘real’ to the brain.

Target Marketing

It’s easy to create awareness in a selected region like a local newspaper sharing stories about

Partnering Print and Digital Media

Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions in the industry is that digital and print media are two separate entities. But using these two components in harmony can actually be hugely advantageous.

CAR Magazine is a great example of how print and digital media can complement one another. They may have a great looking website but it doesn’t stop there. In fact, their online presence is multi-faceted and offer consumers a wide range of digital experiences as well.

Despite a strenuous time within the motoring industry for importers, assemblers and motoring media, CAR Magazine performed admirably over the last few years. Layouts have become more creative, user-friendly and improved targeted communication means better quality content relevant to their consumer’s demand. They seem to have a great understanding of what consumers want online and in print media. Their July issue reportedly yielded the best sales figures in four years and website traffic is up by 17%.

Other examples of successful print and digital partnerships include The Sunday Times and The Times. Their online presence has seen substantial growth and proved to be a very effective dual medium. Business Day is another good example with Naspers leading from the front.

At the end of the day, what matters most is quality and choosing the media that works best for your business. Don’t ignore the one for the sake of the other; embrace the pros and cons of both and you will find success. For all your printing requirements at competitive pricing, contact Asset Print today.

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