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We at Asset Print are literally married to “Printing’, committed to, in love with and in it for life! On this blog we will be sharing the many things we have learnt over the years, exciting news and many tips and tricks to use printed products. We will cover topics such as effective business cards designs to the importance of colour in design, how to use flyers to advertise your business and much more. Follow this blog or join us on Facebook to be the first to read our next blog.

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Fun Facts: History of the Printing Press

Posted by on 05 Dec 2019 under All Things Printing

Printing Press
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Essential Wedding Invitation Tips

Posted by on 26 Oct 2019 under All Things Printing, Design, Stationary Printing, Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations
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Spruce Up Your Business for Spring & Summer

Posted by on 24 Sep 2019 under Banners, Design, General Printing, Printed Marketing, Stickers

Shop Window Stickers
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Binding Options For Booklets And Brochures

Posted by on 23 Aug 2019 under Booklet Printing, Booklets, Brochures, Cookbook Printing, Printed Marketing, Stationary Printing

Bound Booklet

Binding Booklets and Brochures

When you need to print a booklet or brochure, there are several factors to consider.

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Get More Customers By Using Door Hangers

Posted by on 10 Jul 2019 under Business Cards, Flyers, General Printing, Printed Marketing

Door Hanger

Advertise With Door Hangers

He has to take his eyes off his phone to open the door. Make sure that when he opens that door, he steps into your business.

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Write And Print Your Own Cookbook

Posted by on 18 Jun 2019 under All Things Printing, Cookbook Printing, Uncategorized

Cookbook Printing

Write and Print YOUR Cookbook

Why write a cookbook?

You cook because you love to. You improve and improvise, create your own recipes. Your reward is the compliments of those who enjoy your efforts. You deserve more. You deserve your own cookbook.

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Checklist: Before Submitting a Print Design

Posted by on 08 May 2019 under Design, General Printing

Print Design Checklist

Print Design Checklist

Investing in printed marketing collateral can be a little daunting sometimes, especially when you consider the fact that (unlike digital) the format does not allow for do-overs once the printing process has started. That is why it is so important to ensure that you provide your printer with art files that have been triple-checked for everything from spelling, to image placement and format.

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Design Tips To Improve Your Restaurant Menu

Posted by on 04 Apr 2019 under Menu Printing, Stationary Printing

Printed Restaurant Menu

Printed Menu

A well-designed restaurant menu is a thing of beauty. Something that, in any other setting, would be a paper with a list on it, becomes a precursor of a sensory experience when you place it in the context of a restaurant. When last did you reevaluate your menu? Do you know if it inspires our diners to try new dishes, or whether the layout is so confusing that they rather stick to the same thing every time because it’s just too hard to read? When you partner with a reputable print agency and designer, it’s possible to tailor a menu that goes above and beyond a mere list of the meals you serve.

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5 Ways To Make Striking Printed Booklets

Posted by on 04 Mar 2019 under Booklet Printing, Booklets


Example Booklet

We may be living in a digital age, but that doesn’t mean that tangible marketing collateral like printed booklets are no longer relevant, not by a long shot. In a time of increasingly crowded online retail spaces, physical marketing materials are proving to be as effective as ever, especially when speaking to niche demographics who prefer a more tailored approach. Case in point – printed booklets.

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Tips From The Experts: How To Make Posters

Posted by on 28 Jan 2019 under Design, Posters


Posters For Marketing

Advertising is an essential part of any business as it builds brand awareness and their products or services. While much focus in recent years has been on digital, posters are still a valuable advertising medium. The fact that they are still being used today speaks volumes about how well they work.

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