Essential Wedding Invitation Tips

Wedding Invitations

Your wedding day is your special day. You want to tell that select group of people you consider worthy about this important and personal journey you are about to start. You want them to know that you selected them personally to bear witness, and be there to support both of you on the day and in the future.

You want to send a suitable save-the-date card, followed by your wedding invitation, on properly printed cards. Your invitation will be the first time you tell your family and friends exactly how important your wedding will be to you and your partner. You will keep one in your wedding album and your true friends will keep theirs with their treasured keepsakes.

The Post Office is not as efficient as one would wish, so as part of your planning, both the save-the-date and the actual invitation should be sent earlier than normal. Allow four to five weeks for RSVPs.

Do not at this stage falter in your stylish quest and choose email. Or (shudder) Whatsapp. A bridesmaid can contact guests electronically when RSVPs are not received, and you can print a few extras to hand to guests who did not receive them, as well as the photographer, caterer and so on.

But what do you print? What is your style? Do you want to go with handmade paper and gold calligraphy printing or something more modern? Perhaps a textured or tactile card with special printing, embossing or die-cutting? Maybe a simple, stylish card, uncoated paper, off-white or creamy, with simple, well-spaced black printing? Will you need special envelopes? Wax sealing? Gold cord or ribbon?

Very often the bride to be will go online and you can find very good ideas on sites such as Pinterest. But a nice wedding invitation has the element of touch you need to experience. Something could look great in a picture, but feel flimsy or cold and impersonal in your hand.

You are welcome to speak to us at Asset Print. We can show you samples galore to help you make up your mind and we have reams of different paper stock for you to see and touch.

Once you have decided what to send, you will have to think about what to say on the invitations. Our samples should cover most of these, but here are a few things to consider.

Be specific on who’s invited. Jenny and James and family, or Ruth and Partner. If you don’t want children at your wedding, say so. Or that there will be a Crèche for kids under 13 at the reception. If the arrangements are complicated, tell them what is happening. Church service at this time at that church (address), reception at this venue at that time. Please note that the bridal party will only arrive at such a time. There is ample parking behind X. Include a map if you think it will be necessary.

Creating your wedding invitation is not always easy. You want to take time to make sure you send out the right one. At least with Asset Print, you will know it will be printed perfectly.

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