4 Tips for Effective Banner Printing & Design

Effective Banner Printing & Design

Effective Banner Printing & Design

As with all marketing material, you first need to decide the medium that is right for you. Banner printing is just one of many but it’s an incredibly powerful marketing and branding tool. Banners make statements but only if they’re designed effectively.

If you are thinking about using outdoor banners to advertise, the following 4 essential tips will ensure your design is most effective.

1. Simplicity is Key

Unlike online advertising where the viewer is up close, outdoor banners need to be designed for long distance visibility. The perfect banner should have a simple design and a simple message conveying one thought. Examples include “Opening Soon!”, “Get Your Quote Today!” or “Buy 3 Tyres and Get 1 Free!” These messages are clear, concise and contains a good call to action.

Banners can be printed in full colour and choosing a single theme will ensure a more finished look. Using bright colours will attract attention but be careful to not overdo it. Overuse can in fact decrease usability.

2. Create Something Eye-catching

Banner printing and design can be a fun experience but as mentioned earlier, keeping it simple is fundamental. A banner with too much text or poor quality printing detracts from the main message. Add only what is absolutely necessary such as web or email address and a contact number.

Use a maximum of two fonts on your banner and remember, you only have 3-5 seconds to grab someone’s attention. Fonts like Arial, Verdana and Helvetica are easy to read compared to Freestyle or Mistral. Consider bold headlines, unique images and capitalise words like FREE or BARGAIN BUY.

Choose colours that attract attention, not distract viewers from the message. Some feel light text over dark background works best but whatever you do, choose complimentary colours. At the same time, don’t be afraid to use plenty of whitespace. Giving your text additional room can make it stand out more.

3. Find Suitable Banner Placement

Placement of your banners are as important as the message itself. There are typically two placement options to yield the best results. Banners can be used to achieve the most views or to reach a specific target audience. Traffic intersections, shopping areas and busy community centers are perfect to get the most views.

Targeting a specific audience means placing banners in the right areas. Examples of this are exhibitions, conferences, trade shows or even big sporting events. It all depends on what your product or service might be. You could use both methods to get the best possible results from your marketing efforts.

If you’re selling running shoes you could positioning your banner close to a sporting goods store in a shopping mall to get maximum exposure. Alternatively, placing it close to the route of a marathon event or a running club could attract the attention of your niche market.

4. Quality Banner Printing

Choosing the right banner material to match your marketing and distribution strategy is vital. It’s always recommended to use vinyl, vinyl mesh or canvas with UV resistant inks. Not only does this make your banner stand out, it increases the longevity and improves brand identity.

Banner printing is not difficult but it does require careful planning. Using these 4 tips as a reference will help guide you in the right direction. Get in touch with our design team today and let’s get those banners up and business in!

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