Door Hangers: New Direct Marketing Trend

Use Door Hangers to Market Your Business Now

Use Door Hangers to Market Your Business Now

When you think about door hangers it is usually in the context of a Do Not Disturb sign hanging off a hotel door knob. But door hangers can be used as direct marketing tools too. If you think about how well they work in hotels – when you put it out on the door handle, 99 percent of the time you know that you won’t be disturbed. Why? Because they are very visible and highly effective at conveying the message that you don’t want to be disturbed – there is no room for doubt as to what the communication is.

So, if you think about it, it is little wonder that they are becoming more and more popular among direct marketers and advertisers. Door hangers are a great way to get your message across and to ensure that it is seen too.

Here are some reasons to invest in door hangers for marketing your business:

  • Cost effective.
  • Creative and different.
  • High visibility – they are seen by people passing by as well as by those whose doors they hang on.

From hotels to blocks of flats, there is a lot of foot traffic so your message is spreading without you having to do anything.

  • Create brand awareness.
  • Increase marketing reach.

Like most direct marketing, the success of your door hangers hinges on a few simple rules:

  • Be clear, concise and single minded with your message. Decide what you want your door hanger marketing campaign to achieve and stick to that message.
  • Create an offer or promotion to encourage prospective customers/clients to engage and interact. Everyone loves the idea that they are getting a bargain, so play up to this. And use the door hanger. For example, offer a discount upon presentation of the door hanger, or supply a special promotional code in the copy.
  • Keep your copy on point – stick to your message and don’t waffle. You don’t need to provide the entire history of your business on your door hanger. Treat it like a teaser – you want your audience to want to find out more. You want to lead them to your website where all the information they could possibly need is at their fingertips.
  • Be creative. The door hanger might be someone’s first interaction with your business and you want to wow them! Think about the design – first impressions do count, and you only get one chance to make that first impression.
  • When it comes to printing, go for quality over quantity. At Asset Print, we take pride in our printing work so that you can take pride in your business. We offer top quality, cost effective door hanger printing solutions because we know that sometimes people do judge a book by its cover, and in this case, they judge your business by the quality of printing. We use the most up to date print technology so that you can market your business with pride.

So, if you are interested in door hangers as a marketing tool, contact us now to discuss your print and design requirements. Let us help you get your message across without too much hanging about.

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