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Advertise With Door Hangers

He has to take his eyes off his phone to open the door. Make sure that when he opens that door, he steps into your business.

Some see door hangers as junk mail. But if your message is what the reader needs, your door hanger turns into “just what I am looking for”. Not everyone opening a door will need what you do, but there are ways to turn those that do need you into customers.

Fish where the fish are. If you offer same day collect and drop dry cleaning, you may want to target hotels. If you teach high school maths tuition, target the areas around a high school. If you are a house painter, hang your details on the neighbours’ doors. They have seen your work. Your door hanger can turn you into the big fish in your local pond.

Your door hanger has a split second to speak and turn attention into action. Make the most of that split second.

Do offer a clear and compelling reason to knock on your door. “Buy this and get this free”, “25% off your first purchase”, “This service now in your area, call 083 444 4444”. Your door hanger can incorporate a coupon: “Present this coupon during July and you will also get . . .”

A door hanger tells your target market about the one thing you want to offer now, even if you do more than one thing. If you sell property, this is not the place to tell the world that you also restore old cars. You are telling the door opener that you can do this now and the reason to use you. It is not the place to tell that world that your grandpa started the company in 1925.

Use a few bold words backed up by strong graphics. Make sure your door hanger is well designed and superbly printed. Remember, in that split second the customer has to decide, your door hanger represents you, your values and the quality you stand for. This may sound melodramatic, but people’s perceptions are shaped by their senses. Is the message clear? Is the design good and does it emphasise what you offer? Is the printing crisp and clear and the board or PVC it’s printed on of good quality and the die-cut accurate?

There are many uses for a door hanger. A special offer. A unique promotional code. The ubiquitous “Do not disturb” or “Please clean the room” hotel hangers. Door hangers differ. Some have a simple hook die-cut to fit any door, others a hole to fit a specific size handle. It can be perforated so the message part fits in your wallet. It can have an area-specific code to tell you where your message works best or even a unique code for a lucky draw. It can be double-sided, with the main message on the front and more detail on the back.

So if you want to speak to new customers, whether you are looking for 100 or 10 000 door hangers, contact us today for free advice and the best quote.

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