Do Printed Newsletters Still Have a Place?

Printed Newsletters

Printed Newsletters

With the advent of the internet-of-things, the world of sales and marketing is quite literally spinning on a digital axis. Conversion-optimised websites have become a science in its own right. People are connected 24/7 – to the internet, to apps, to social media channels and to each other. Many a internet guru are quick to pronounce that ‘print-is-dead’, but this could not be further from the truth.

On our blog, we have addressed this topic before but today we are specifically diving into the topic of printed newsletters. Consumers are bombarded by digital newsletters and promotions in their already-full email inboxes and bothered by an excess of social media notifications from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+, to name but a few. But, believe it or not, printed newsletters are proving to be an excellent communication vehicle and getting more traction and a better response rate than digital newsletters. Let’s have a look at the reasons why a printed newsletter could serve your business in increasing retention rates, improving referrals and cultivate long-term relationships with your customers.

  • Email newsletters are much easier to ignore, whereby a printed newsletter is a physical object and easier to pick up later and read in your own time.
  • Printed newsletters have proven superior value when it comes to brand awareness. Readers remember your brand and your products and services and therefore, pass on the information to others more easily as well.
  • With the decline in printed mail, your newsletter can become something unique in a consumer’s mailbox and grab their attention.
  • A printed newsletter can be stuck onto your fridge or put down on your desk and catch your eye (again). A digital newsletter disappears in your inbox much easier.
  • Studies have shown that printed newsletters and marketing material are particularly well positioned when it comes to customer retention and loyalty.

Last but not least, when you compile your newsletter keep in mind that people like to believe that you want to help them. Provide helpful information. Highlight how your products or services can fulfil their needs or make their life easier. Watch out for being too ‘salesy’, but of course, a good Call-to-Action has its place. Ensure that telephone numbers, email addresses, website addresses and even QR codes are easy to spot and access if a potential customer wants to contact you for more information. Finally, ensure that you decide on a regular schedule. Weekly, monthly, even quarterly, but stick to it.

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