5 Cool Facts About Printers for Ink Geeks

Printer Facts

Every industry has its die-hard fans – people who are so fascinated by the technology behind its inner workings that they spend countless hours reading up about the history of how it all came to be. At Asset Print you’ll find a huge array of ink geeks. Yes, we love working with our clients and creating beautiful things, but we also happen to be completely enchanted by printers and ink in general.

You may find this a little weird, but we like to think it makes us better at our jobs, so we tend to indulge these whims. Here are a few of our favourite facts about laser printers to give you a taste of the conversations that float around the break room:


Toner is Not Actually Made of Ink

Get this – printer toner is not actually made from ink. What? We know, it’s strange. It turns out that toner is made up of polymers (tiny plastic spheres). This is the reason why laser printers are hot to the touch when in use; the toner has to be melted and that only happens at 200+ degrees Celsius.

Hospitals Were Early Adopters of Printing Tech

Hospitals were some of the earliest places of business to adopt the use of inkjet printers. It was used to record medical strip charts, but wasn’t extremely popular at the outset because it took an incredibly large amount of ink to run.

Inkjet Ink is More Expensive than Space Shuttle Fuel per Measure

Measure for measure, the price of inkjet print will set you back more than a bar of gold, or a tank of space shuttle fuel. This is why it’s so important to align yourself with a printing provider who knows how to use ink efficiently and keep costs low for the end consumer.

The Hulk is Green Because of Printing Issues

The Incredible Hulk appears as a green monster in the Marvel Universe, but he actually used to be grey. When the character first appeared in the comics in the early 60s, the grey colour was difficult to keep consistent during printing, which is why he changed colour in the process.

The First Laser Printer was Super Pricey

The first laser printer that was developed for office use in 1981 cost the modern-day equivalent of $17 000. Fortunately, due to the progression of manufacturing technology, this is no longer the case.

Now you know! Weave these interesting facts into conversation with your fellow ink geeks and watch your street cred rocket skywards. In the meantime, check back soon for more fascinating insight into the world of printing, and remember to contact us if you want to know more about Asset Print processes and services.

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