5 Things You Should Check on Your Print Order

Make Sure To Check These Thing Before Sending Your Print Order

Make Sure To Check These Thing Before Sending Your Print Order

As printing experts, there is nothing we love better than saving our clients time, hassle and (most of all) money. This is why we always make a point of suggesting that designers who submit artwork for print have checked the following five aspects of their print-ready material. It may seem a little overcautious, but better safe than sorry – especially when it could end up costing your client a fair amount of money to reprint elements that didn’t come out according to their liking.

Without further ado, here are the five things you should check before hitting ‘send’ on your print order:

What Is My Colour Mode?

Print-ready artwork has to be supplied in CMYK colour mode. While we will convert any artwork and images to CMYK on our end if it hasn’t been done already, this may alter the look you were going for on yours. When colours are converted from RGB to CMYK, it can make quite a big difference, so remember to check everything in this format before you proceed to print.

Are My Images High Res?

Many designers use low res images during the layout and approval process. However, the rule of thumb is that images should be 300dpi (at the size they appear) to ensure a quality printed product. If a low res image creeps in, it will look blurry and pixelated, which is obviously not ideal, so remember to check each image for resolution before you submit.

Are The Crop Marks & Bleed in Place?

Crop marks inform the trimming process, and the bleed provides a margin of error in case of movement on the press. A lack of either one of those could result in an unwanted white line on the edge of your image once it’s trimmed, so put this on your checklist.

Have My Fonts Been Embedded?

If you want the text on your artwork to print correctly it is imperative to ensure that your fonts are embedded or outlined, which essentially turns it into graphics. This means what you see on your screen is what will end up on the page.

Did I include A Safe Area?

Depending on the nature of your artwork and the binding method you use, there is a specific safe area that should be included between the text/graphics and the trimmed edge. Check with your printer what these specs are so you can ensure that your artwork complies.

Following these five guidelines will pave the way for printing success every time you submit a job. Keep your eye on the blog in coming weeks and months for more helpful printing advice, and feel free to get in touch with a knowledgeable Asset Print representative if you need expert advice on custom printing solutions.

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