Canvas vs Poster

Canvas vs Poster

Canvas vs Poster

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what you choose to hang on your wall speaks volumes about you. Think carefully about what you want your art to say – and whether you want it to represent itself as a poster or a canvas – because the medium you choose is more than an accent: it is the whole discussion.

Both poster and canvas have their respective strengths and weaknesses, which you’ll have to keep in mind when you pick one or the other. Let’s start with how the medium influences the image.

Because it is printed by high definition printer on an even, solid surface, poster images retain sharp edges and reveal cutting-edge details you might otherwise miss. Canvas, on the other hand, is a more porous material and is subject to stretching once it is put on the block. This results in a softer, more languorous feel which may lull some of the finer details out of focus. However, this also means that the canvas is more accepting of high quality inks and can therefore not be surpassed for sheer richness of color and depth of texture. This is in contrast with the simple and flat gloss finish of a poster.

The goal, in the end, is to display the image in question to its best effect. To do so, one must take into account how it will be perceived by the viewer. The mentioned gloss finish of the poster (while sleek and professional) is predictably subject to glare and reflection (see optional matt- or satin finishes), meaning it might not be viewable from anywhere in the room. Especially if it has been framed and put behind glass.

Light and frame are important considerations as well. Consider the longevity of the differing mediums: Although a poster image might be striking, it is (when all is said and done) printed on paper, which is not known for its hardiness. To prolong its life, many owners have their posters framed and covered with protective glass. This brings up the additional problem of choosing a frame that matches (not only the image but also) the decor or the room. (And, if you have limited wall space, the frame may steal additional surface away from your image.)

Canvas has no such problem. Quite apart from needing no frame (although, of course, you could add a boxed frame), canvas is treated with glazes that are UV resistant, dust resistant and damp resistant. The lifespan of your average canvas is therefore easily a hundred times that of the average poster. But, to be fair, poster is also significantly less expensive than canvas and, if you easily get bored of your decorations and often find yourself wanting to mix it up, poster will suit your palette and your pocket much better. (Not to mention that bulk orders might entail a further discount.)

If all else fails, or if you are chronically indecisive, try the one and then the other, working your way from least to most expensive, poster to canvas. If that fails, it might be time to have a different thousand-word conversation: involve a professional. Of course we don’t mean a shrink – we mean one of our knowledgeable consultants at Asset Print, who look forward to helping you.

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