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Business Vehicle Branding

Branding for your Business Vehicles

Superficial as it may seem, even the most enlightened of us cannot help but remark on what our neighbour (whether in the house next door or in the next lane over) drives. The fact is that your car says a lot about you. But only if it can be identified as your car. Without you, your car is just an unsigned canvass and all the credit and esteem that could have gone your way is left by the roadside. This is doubly true of your business. You own an advertising asset you have under-utilised. Change that today.

Get creative and colour the canvas that is your business car. There is nothing quite like the eye-popping, jaw-dropping splendour of a superbly designed mobile masterpiece to speak well of- and promote your business. The benefits of non-site specific advertising cannot be overstated in a society overrun with ever increasing numbers of commuters and consultants – on the roads at all hours of the day. Make a statement. A clear presence will lead to positive mention among professionals and you are guaranteed to see passing motorists lifting their camera-phones in salute and snapping an image of your office numbers.

Even when it’s not in motion it does not cease its tireless campaigning for your business. Like a Transformer, it goes from business blimp to business billboard in zero seconds flat. While it’s parked in front of your office, it serves as a flag, proclaiming your territory and conveying to anyone who has eyes to see that here resides business acumen and success. While it’s parked in front of your client’s office or home, it challenges their competitive neighbours to outbid and outdo, ensuring you return business. Recognizability is key. Establishing a strong presence in a neighbourhood or business park moves your business up the ladder from a potential supplier to the only worthwhile supplier. And that move can be done with a single vehicle, seen regularly.

If you are still hesitant, it is probably because your business sense is warring with your common sense, which is whispering that you shouldn’t ruin the resale value of your car. Worry no further. While the benefits you receive from vehicle branding are significant and longlasting, the actual alteration required is no more than temporary and skin deep. The specialised decals and wrapping that will turn your car from a workhorse into a runway specimen are specifically crafted to be completely and undetectably removed at the end of its service, restoring your resale value.

However, if your worry is that you are easily wearied by a design that invites “Ask me about debt-management” (or some such) and promises a free consultation without appointment, you might not want to go on vacation driving it. In this case, opt for a car magnet: an naturally attractive design that adheres securely with each application and peels off easily and repeatedly, leaving no residue.

The only real remaining question is what kind of car you want to buy to serve as your business’ easel? Don’t worry if you can’t afford a German luxury sedan or an Italian sportscar. With just a little bit of wrapping and a lot of ingenuity, we can abracadabra your Anglia to look like an Aston Martin. Or a great white shark or a field of daisies or a … well, you get the idea. The only excuse NOT to invest in vehicle wrapping is if you own a corner mechanic store and the miraculously mobile clunker you drive is all the advertisement you need…

Otherwise get down to Asset Print today and let us manifest your imagination and boost your business.

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