Great Banners Stands Out So Your Business Can

Use banners to market your business better

How do you tell the world, when it walks past your door, that you are right there and they should pop in and buy what you sell? Digital marketing is great, but it has long gone past “Like us on Facebook” and success will cost millions. This is because the digital marketplace is growing like weeds while digital consumers have learned to shun ads in this medium.

Yet here you are in your building next to a busy freeway, or on a busy intersection, or your stand at a busy expo. How do you get noticed? With a banner, of course.

Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

Whether you advertise on radio, Facebook, via flyers or lamppost posters, your message reaches the potential client when he is not near your business. Nothing wrong with this, because you are absolutely right to broadcast yourself to your ideal widest audience. So they know who you are and what you do, so imagine they see your banner right in front of them. Powerful, is it not?

Brilliant Value For Money

Printing cost per unit was always determined by volume – the more you print, the cheaper each print became. But the advent of large format digital printing has revolutionised the production of banners. The cost per unit for one banner is not much higher than for 10 or 100. You can print one large, beautiful banner for not much at all.

Likewise, in the old days, you used to pay per colour, so people used to stick to one, or maybe two colours for their banner. With digital printing, it is all the same and you can have your message and images in glorious full colour without breaking the bank.

Size And Shape And Material

Banners were long and thin, limited by the width of the paper they were printed on. Today you can go as tall or wide as you want to, any shape or size to fit your message and the place it will go on. Your banner can nicely fill that awkward space above the front door or between the window and the corner, or sway above your table at the fair. It can be flexible or mounted on a rigid board, printed one-sided or both sides. Your banner can be exactly what you need it to be.

Good Design

Good design takes talent and commitment, while ugly is spontaneous. The more you can do with colour and images, the more important your design will become. And good design comes from a good designer, so consider spending some of the money you will save on printing on that.

Great Printing

There are printers and other printers. Then there is Asset print, the recognised printing specialist in the Cape. Speak to our knowledgeable print expert to get see samples of what we have done before and what is required to create your perfect banner.

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