Advertising Your Garage Sale

Garage Sale

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It’s that time of the year again when we spring clean, clear space and make some extra money all at the same time. A garage sale is a really good way to do this but you can’t expect potential buyers to simply stumble upon your house with everything strewn all over your front lawn. If you don’t advertise your garage sale properly, you won’t sell anything.

First, you need to identify your best customers and decide when and how you should advertise to them. Being organised is key to a successful garage sale so before you get started, take proper stock of everything you want to sell and arrange it according to price or type. From ads to great signage, here is how to advertise your garage sale.

Identify Your Best Customers

Some people prefer to shop online while many others like going to flea markets, car boot sales and garage sales. These ‘bargain hunters’ are the right customers for you and can generally be found at these local events. You could visit a few second hand stores as they are also potential customers. Offering a wide range of low to high priced goods will ensure you get the most out of your garage sale. This way you also attract the widest possible audience.

When To Advertise To Your Customers

Bargain hunters are often out every weekend looking for the next best deal. Make an effort to meet them in advance and let them know of your upcoming garage sale. In meeting them first, you also see how they operate so you can be prepared for any questions or bargaining strategies at your garage sale.

How To Advertise

There are numerous ways to advertise your garage sale but whatever method you choose, make sure you list all the major items. If you have vintage or trendy accessories, consider adding pictures to your printed flyer for maximum effect. Flyers are ideal to hand out but not too far in advance as people might forget about it. Hand out your flyers in two stages; a month in advance and then one week before your garage sale.

In the week leading up to your garage sale, you might want to remind everyone in your area one last time. Instead of handwritten cardboard posters bending in the wind and fading in the sun, consider using printed street posters.

Remember, these signs are likely the only advertisements some potential buyers will see as they drive past so they need to be colourful and eye-catching. Directional signs should be placed every 2-3 blocks so you don’t lose potential customers along the way.

Another great touchpoint with interested buyers is to print a small quantity of business cards. These will come in handy when someone shows real interest in an item but can’t afford it. They’d likely want to get in touch at a later stage and there is no better way than giving them your business card.

A garage sale is exciting and really shouldn’t be difficult but using our tips as a point of reference will certainly help. Get in touch with our design team today and let’s get started!

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